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You can make your living room a clutter-free, well-organized, and soothing area for everyone to enjoy by selecting custom living room furniture, like a fitted media wall unit. Floating TV Units may house your television and maximise the storage space in your living room while enhancing or concealing its appearance.

Here are three advantages of having floating TV Units:

  1. Custom made floating TV Units

Due to the expanding size of televisions, off-the-shelf floating TV Units can be clunky and take up important floor space. Inconvenient angles and alcoves can be accommodated with a custom fitted media unit, which can either be designed as a wall unit with all the connections hidden or just to support the TV.

You are not restricted to shelves, cupboards, or drawers when designing bespoke floating TV Units; a wine rack, display shelving, or even a foldaway desk may be incorporated into the TV unit design. You can keep the living room clutter-free while showcasing priceless objects on the shelves by having your floating TV Units made to accommodate your storage needs.

  1. Created to meet your style needs

A custom floating TV Units can be constructed to fit the existing furnishings in your living room and be tailored to your particular aesthetic preferences. There are several ways to conceal the TV within the floating TV Units, which can aid in double the living room's functionality as a space for social entertainment and reducing distractions for children or people working from home. With fitted media units, you can easily change the look and use of your living area.

Almost every home revolves around the television, which is where family and friends congregate to unwind after a long day. As television screens get bigger, people are searching for more creative, safe, and aesthetic methods to display their TVs. Even though an entertainment unit offers a lot of storage space, many small homes cannot comfortably accept such huge units. By mounting the television on the wall, a TV mount, on the other hand, frees up space in your home. However, it leaves you with no room for storage. Here are some of the most underappreciated advantages of contemporary floating TV Units!

Eliminate Floor Space

Wall-mounted televisions have gained popularity as a common fixture in many contemporary houses due to its ability to save space and simplistic design. However, one drawback of them is that they don't have enough storage for the tools and entertainment equipment that typically go with a TV. A TV stand frees up extra floor space while giving you an additional place to store clutter in your living room and lifting your television safely. This aids in keeping your living space tidy and inviting.

Observe from a More Convenient Position

Your viewing position has an impact on more than just how much you enjoy the programme; bad posture can also cause back and neck issues. To accommodate your living room setup, floating TV Units with a mount enables you to adjust the screen's height and viewing angle. After mounting the screen, some models have an adjustable feature that lets you change its height. Families with members of various heights may find this to be a useful tool. You can adjust the screen to a comfortable viewing height for your children while they are staying over. You can raise it back up when you want to unwind with your favourite movie.


Your living room's TV is frequently the focal point, so you'll need storage and organising that both fits in with the rest of the furniture and makes a bold aesthetic statement. Modern floating TV Units are available in a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes to suit your requirements. Metal frames and tempered glass shelves blend in seamlessly with a contemporary-style home and give the impression of even more room because of the reflected nature of the materials.

There has never been a better time to watch movies and TV shows at home thanks to fantastic 4K TV technology and surround sound systems that produce incredibly immersive audio experiences.

These days, there are a huge variety of audio and video components and accessories to choose from. It's a good idea to include some form of storage system as part of your home entertainment setup to accommodate them all and keep everything organised.

For this, floating TV Units are your best option. They are also frequently called by the following names:

Home theatres, entertainment centres, entertainment hubs, and home media centres

why design is important for floating TV Units

Even though entertainment devices have a practical purpose, their aesthetic value shouldn't be overlooked. The majority of entertainment centres will be placed in prominent spots around the house. They frequently hang out in the family room, great room, and living room.

An entertainment unit will often be the centre of attention in the room in which it is located, depending on the size of your home entertainment setup. Because of this, floating TV Units aesthetic is important.

The best option for your home is a custom-built entertainment set if you desire a higher quality appearance. While they can be a little more expensive, custom entertainment units are unquestionably worthwhile.

You can see why custom entertainment units are better than more affordable models found at big-box stores by considering these seven factors.

When shopping for floating TV Units from a big box retailer, you'll probably be frustrated by the limited selection of styles and finishes. Off-the-shelf, mass-produced entertainment systems are made to appeal to as many customers as possible. That philosophy has a flaw because every person has a highly distinct sense of taste.

This implies that big-box shop furniture purchases typically come with some level of regret, disappointment, or the sense that you have to compromise. You could have had to give up on one or more aspects of floating TV Units, such as the size, finish, or configuration of the furnishings.

When you consider what a custom floating TV Units offers in comparison, the drawbacks of big box shop entertainment units are truly brought to light. With bespoke entertainment units, you can design literally hundreds of various cabinetry styles as opposed to only having the option of three or four different finish colours.

With the help of modern technologies, you can fully customise the finishes of bespoke cabinets to match your style preferences. A wide variety of melamine and laminate treatments are available, and they accurately mimic the look of real wood. The abundance of solid colour finish options are fantastic if you like a more modern appearance.

In other words, there is no such thing as "near enough" when it comes to the appearance of your personalised floating TV Units. Do you need additional evidence? To view the hundreds of decorative panel samples that are available for our custom cabinetry, stop by the Design Studio in the Organized Interiors showroom.

  1. More sizing alternatives are available with custom floating TV Units.

Your selection of floating TV Units sizes is significantly constrained by the one-size-fits-all nature of a retail outlet's furniture inventory. Everybody has varied requirements for the size of their entertainment unit, just as there are variations in the unit's appearance.

Your floating TV Units size will depend on a few things:

  • the size of your TV; the number and size of the audio/video components you need to fit inside it; the amount of storage space you want for media (like Blu-rays) and personal items (like pictures); and whether you want to make a room centrepiece with additional features like a bar or electric fireplace.

The beauty of floating TV Units is that it can be made to meet your particular requirements and is created to match your space. Going the custom way provides you far more options, whether you need a modest entertainment unit for the corner of a room or a wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling room showpiece.

Each piece of electronic gear and anything else being housed can be perfectly accommodated in a custom entertainment unit. You won't squander space, for instance, by placing your TV in an excessively large cage.

At Organized Interiors, we produce every piece of bespoke cabinets, ensuring stringent quality control. Additionally, you won't have to deal with the hassle of bringing the entertainment centre home and spending hours installing it. Your new entertainment system will fit your home properly thanks to our skilled installers.

  1. You can include more alluring floating TV Units.

It will be difficult to find an entertainment unit with a fireplace or bar in a big-box retailer. On the other side, custom floating TV Units enable for the incorporation of these wonderful supplementary amenities.

Your bespoke cabinetry will seem even more dynamic if you add an electric fireplace or electric firebox that fits below your TV inside an entertainment unit. And there are numerous other advantages to using electric heating.

Another option for your entertainment unit would be to include a bar and liquor cabinet in instead of (or in addition to) an electric fireplace. These kinds of additions not only improve the visual appeal of floating TV Units but also conserve space and add practical usefulness.

Customization enables you to select even more extra elements that improve the appeal of an entertainment set. For instance, you can use several panel, glass, and metal grill door types combined with well-placed LED interior illumination. The floating TV Units attractive hardware can also be altered.

Furniture that you assemble yourself is notorious for not having a lengthy lifespan. Poor building materials and shoddy workmanship will cause sagging shelves and peeling finishes far sooner than you'd like.

Long-term value comes from purchasing custom furniture and cabinetry, which look better and are more dependable. The longer life of custom floating TV Units is directly related to the greater grade of wood, superior craftsmanship, and tough coatings.

Higher-quality floating TV Units also makes moving it easier if that becomes necessary. If you wind yourself moving, flimsy self-assembled furniture typically isn't particularly easy to disassemble and carry. In these conditions, sturdy cabinets will be more robust.

Additionally, despite the fact that handcrafted solid wood furniture created from oak, cherry hardwood, and other premium wood species looks lovely, it still has some limitations. Of course, there is the exorbitant price. In areas with unfavourable moisture levels, they can also warp and crack, which can cause the wood to constrict and expand.

  1. Complement and improve the design of your home.

More than merely floating TV Units and stereo cabinet, entertainment cabinets serve other purposes as well. A custom entertainment unit's intricate design and production process can produce a really unique improvement to the interior design of your home.

floating TV Units should match your existing decor because it frequently serves as the focal point of a room. Maintaining the warm, welcoming appearance of a location that will receive a lot of use from the entire family depends on matching the colour schemes and styles of your furniture, walls, and other features.

That is substantially easier to do because custom entertainment units offer more design freedom. On the other hand, the constrained alternatives for big box shop furniture components can lead to cabinetry that detracts from the aesthetics of your home. They could not be well adapted to their surroundings in terms of size, colour, and style.

  1. Maintain orderly organisation

By giving everything an appropriate place to live, entertainment units help you keep a tidy space and reduce clutter.

You can conceal the additional wires, peripherals, and other cluttering items in your room in drawers, storage spaces above doors, and other places.

Blu-ray, DVD, and other media collections can be arranged logically on open shelving or behind doors. By putting up pictures, objects from your personal collection, or other items on open shelving, you may further customise your entertainment centre.

In addition to hiding the connections and cords that connect to our many electrical components, well-designed floating TV Units also provide storage space. If cords and wires are left in plain sight, even the most fashionable, costly entertainment device with the most bells and whistles won't appear as attractive.

Simply said, having floating TV Units that is intended to hold everything you need to watch TV series and movies improves your overall viewing experience.

You can comfortably enjoy your viewing in a clutter-free place that looks great if your living room, family room, or basement is equipped with the ideal media centre setup.

It will be a setting that is conducive to both entertaining and dazzling your visitors.

Enhance the look and utility of your house

Are you looking to update and modernise the way your floating TV Units and other electronic devices are stored? Custom entertainment units are a wise investment for your home if this is the case.


Any home's focal point is the living room, and a TV is one of the area's main components. Whether it's a little gathering or a family reunion, everyone will be seated in your living room. After a long day of work, you want to be able to unwind in your living room and watch some TV. TVs are getting bigger and bigger as our appetite for entertainment becomes more and more obvious.

While providing enjoyable entertainment, a large-screen TV also has significant risks. In this article, I'll outline five advantages of utilising floating TV Units so that you won't have any issues with the security, usability, and style of your TV.

The ability to free up a lot of floor space is the main advantage of employing floating TV Units. Living in a small apartment or condo where you can position your TV anywhere you like might be rather convenient.

Modern TVs come with a number of extra attachments that you need to store somewhere, even though TV mounts are better at keeping your display fixed to a wall in one location. The best choice is floating TV Units with mounts so you may attach your TV to the wall and place your accessories on the floor.

Stream TV Easily

You must position your TV so that you can see it clearly from where you are standing. You won't enjoy watching TV very much if you have to sit in an uncomfortable position. Your TV may be placed anywhere you choose and its height can be adjusted with floating TV Units.

Families may find it beneficial because it makes it simple to move the TV out of the way of young children and raise it if necessary for a better viewing experience.

The best thing about floating TV Units is that there are literally hundreds of various styles to pick from that can fit your home's decor. You can choose a wooden-style stand if your house is classic, or a steel-made stand if your house is more contemporary.

Additionally, flat-screen floating TV Units are available; they have a modern, minimalistic appearance. Any TV stand can be readily incorporated into your home's décor to increase its value.


When you share a home with children, one of the most important things to think about is their safety. If your children are playing close to the TV and it is on a table without a sturdy floating TV Units, there is a potential of an accident. The wall can sustain significant damage from a wall-mounted TV.

Therefore, the ideal choice is floating TV Units with a suitable mount, which will allow you to attach the TV to a reliable base and modify the height whenever you want to without endangering anyone.


Last but not least, floating TV Units will save you a tonne of work if you're seeking for portability. If you only have one TV at home and you frequently transfer it from one location to another, a stand makes it easier to carry your TV from one room to another.

Once you've relocated your TV, lock the floating TV Units to prevent further movement and make it easy to watch your favourite shows and movies in the comfort of your bedroom.

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