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All members of your family who enjoy technical entertainment will enjoy floating TV units since it allows you to display your TV, sound system, or favourite CD and DVD collection. However, modern, minimalist interiors or fast evolving technologies do not necessarily fit furniture. Therefore, check out our large range of stylish floating TV units if you have a fan of the newest products on the market at home or if you simply want to buy a designer piece of furniture that blends well with the decor of your space.

Devices like next-generation gaming consoles and ultra-high-definition TVs appear unquestionably better when paired with contemporary furniture. Their thin silhouettes and the utilisation of black and white contrasts can be a significant emphasis of the living room interior that catches visitors' eyes right away.

It can be difficult to find modern furniture that meets all of your requirements. Are you compelled to purchase a gorgeous but ineffective floating TV units? Of course not—we'll teach you how to select contemporary furniture that is both aesthetically pleasing and functional in a variety of ways.

It is recommended to prepare your purchase and provide the answers to two fundamental questions before purchasing a good and practical floating TV units, game console, or stereo system.

  1. How many items can a contemporary floating TV units hold?


It is important to first identify your demands before choosing floating TV units. The piece of furniture should have the proper area if it is shown in the living room entertainment centre.

Although minimalist interior design adheres to the "less is more" maxim, the size of the room in which you intend to install the piece of furniture should be taken into consideration when choosing the ideal floating TV units.

The choice of a modern floating TV units is influenced by more than just the room's overall design. Additionally, think about the type of equipment you intend to purchase and the available space. You will undoubtedly be able to present your TV or stereo system in an appealing and useful manner if you keep it in mind.

Investing in a good TV is one thing. Selecting the ideal stand for it is still another. The following elements should be taken into account when selecting floating TV units for a flat-screen television:

Size and Type of the Room

The floating TV units should blend nicely with the room's design and aesthetic. For example, if it will be seen from the living room, its design should complement the colours of the furniture there. A glass or aluminium TV stand will suit if the space has a contemporary, high-tech aesthetic. Wooden stands, on the other hand, complement conventional room decor and furnishings effectively. Another thing to think about is the room's size. This will enable you to choose between a swivel TV stand and a corner floating TV units.

The Stand's Dimensions and Strength

The dimensions of a television and floating TV units are very different. This could make choosing a suitable stand a challenging process because buying the incorrect size results in a "square peg in a round hole" scenario. The stand's primary function is to securely support and fit your flat-screen TV. Additionally, it should have room for accessories like a DVD player, power cords, and game consoles. The centre of the TV screen should be at eye level while you are seated when it comes to stand height. It is self-defeating logic to purchase a stand that is either too high or too low because it will affect the viewing angle. If you're unsure, use a tape measure to take the dimensions yourself or contact your TV's manufacturer.

Features of floating TV units

There are floating TV units with compartments for numerous AV components as well as other technological devices that enhance the TV-watching experience. Others have sophisticated cable management systems that hide HDMI cables and other cables, giving the impression that the area is neat and ordered. Several more stands have a space for TV hutches, gaming consoles, and credenzas. Some people have devices that prevent the various AV components from overheating.


It's critical to get floating TV units within your means. This does not, however, justify lowering the stand's quality. There is always a less expensive choice because the floating TV units price and feature set are directly inversely linked.


You might occasionally need to move your floating TV units around in the TV room. The greatest choice in this situation is a swivel stand. Similar to this, it can be necessary to relocate your floating TV units from one room to another. This indicates that the stand needs to be portable and lightweight. In conclusion, finding a TV stand is not always simple. Hopefully, the details mentioned above will be of great use to flat-screen TV owners!

TV is quite important when it comes to enjoying and feeling comfortable while watching it. They increase or decrease the enjoyment of watching television in general and in particular.

A simple example is the TV booth's height. If you give a vision angle over eye level, you will quickly develop a steep neck or worse cervical spondylosis. And if your angle is below the level of your eye, nothing can stop you from developing a hunch, neck stiffness, and incorrect posture while seated. Too frequently, when making a purchase, people overlook the importance of a well-designed TV console. If you are purchasing a new floating TV units, avoid making that mistake.

What should you take into account while choosing a TV stand?

The main points of contact when selecting floating TV units are as follows:

  • Your floating TV units should look great with the design of the room. Undoubtedly, you don't want a piece that contrasts starkly with your couch, window treatments, or wall. The next step is to match the console's style and material to the rest of the furniture in the room. In conclusion, it should be clear that the TV was not purchased apart from other furniture.
  • The most thoroughly tested materials are wood, processed wood, and metal. Don't experiment with any other exotic substance that could damage your floating TV units.
  • Wood offers a variety of natural textures that not only enhance the room's beauty and allure but also make it better. It is one of the strongest furniture materials available, and more importantly, it does not conduct electrical current.
  • While processed wood, such as hardboards and boards, is less expensive than raw wood, it has lower strength.
  • Metal offers several options for surface treatment and lacquering, making it an affordable alternative to wood. Iron forging, stainless steel, aluminium powder, and other types are among the market trends.
  • Examine the storage area. This is especially important if you live in a small space and need to utilise your furniture as storage. floating TV units with lower cabinets are the most suitable for this.
  • Is there a shelf in the TV booth? You can see areas where you can put decorations and other display items. It could also be a lectern.

Along with these criteria, the fireplace tv stands' quality, joint strength, and structural strength should be scrutinised. Particularly if your youngsters aren't quite comfy and your animals are roaming around, you'll experience much more wear and tear. As a result, your floating TV units needs to be well-built and durable in its finish. Good finishing options include PU lacquer, French lacquer, stain, and spray & lacquer. They are durable, waterproof, and resistant to scratches.

Standard television mounting • These floating TV units can be identified by their medium to low-height solid armour or by the presence of units on legs. Almost always, the material is wood, or a combination of wood and worked wood. Interestingly, many plans do not include a TV; instead, a wall-mounted TV and a cabinet with a combination of drawers, open racks, and glass door cabinets are placed on top of a television console. The barn design is popular because to the rustic and traditional appeal of the standard TV type. A variety of contemporary settings benefit from the handmade feeling. The environment oozes.

The typical floating TV units work well:

  • The interior is airy, wide, and bright. French windows or rooms with large windows, as well as studios,
  • Residences requiring floating TV units and a storage space
  • Residences with kids and pets

Instead of resting on the floor, these television consoles are mounted to the wall six to nine inches above the ground. From a single, long unit with three or more open racks to more intricate combinations of racks, drawers, and case storage with large display space, the designs are varied. Wood is the main component. Floating TV units have smart, modern designs that go well with the newest home decor trends.


Cleaning convenience In contrast to floor units, dust and pollutants are not below the floor units.

The TV is brought closer to eye level thanks to the higher height.

Spring fashion

Large patterns like these frequently take up most of a wall. The floating TV units is just one of their many uses. As their name suggests, they provide the idea of an elevated platform on a pier. No matter how the furniture is arranged, the TV is in the middle, with big armoires facing the facades. The foundation is made out of cabinets with shutters and drawers with glass doors. In the side cabinets, books can be kept and decorative items can be exhibited.

The TV could be mounted on the wall or perched on the base cabinet, similar to the floating style. High-end dock-style furniture and coordinating items like pedestal lamps, figurines, enormous flower pots, lighting systems, home theatres, and other decor items. Their main selling point is the extensive fun and decorating resources. A gorgeous floating TV units with springs eliminates the need for additional furnishings or decor in the space.

TV stands with fireplaces

The cosy warmth of a fireplace on a cold night includes watching movies on television. The best in the world is what you'll get from these entertainment establishments!

The numerous designs in this category include:

  • Fireplace Enclosed - This man is covering the fire, but you can see the barbs burning through a glass door.
  • We do not recommend fitting the mobile device with hefty casters. They simply don't need to move about. Would a portable fireplace have been the first thing that came to mind?
  • Colonial and elaborate—they are large wood sculptures that exude a sense of majesty and wealth. But be careful—do your other furnishings and accents really match such an expensive thing, or are they just for show?

rounded corner

Excellent fits can be found where the two walls converge. On the base, there are closed cabinets, and there are open shelves with or without glass doors on the sides. Corner TV consoles' main advantages are smart storage and space conservation because their bodies are divided into two separate walls.

The disadvantage, conversely, is that the seating configuration faces the television diagonally. Verify if it is feasible before purchasing this kind.

Every living room seems to have a television. A very typical approach is to hang the TV on the wall. However, if the TV is standing, you must additionally buy floating TV units or TV cabinet. How can the TV stand's width be determined to ensure safety and complement the decor of the space?


Security and gorgeous design

A TV cabinet's width should be sufficient to accommodate a TV prop. Otherwise, there is a chance that floating TV units will malfunction and tumble. Not only is the furniture used to support the TV. It can also serve as a living room decoration. A TV cabinet that is sufficiently long can store a TV as well as other ornamental things like a flower vase, a picture frame, or a small sculpture. The 200 centimetre TV stand is a fantastic idea. Your space will be distinctive and less "raw" with a long TV unit and complementary accents. A piece of furniture should be appealing to the sight, thus modern TV stands are definitely worth taking into account. They combine minimalism, usefulness, and interesting design.


Other than TV cabinets

Popular floating TV units are frequently used as the TV's base. Their size and sturdiness are respected. Additionally, they have interior storage for useful items like paperwork. Even so, you should feel free to choose other pieces of furniture that are as as functional and attractive as the TV cabinets. A modern wall unit or display cabinet can serve as your TV's base.

A consistent and fashionable setup can be achieved by placing the TV next to a contemporary wall unit. Additionally, a wall unit ensures plenty of storage space for ornaments and technological devices like a set-top box or gaming console. In addition, it frequently has numerous drawers where you may keep a variety of items, such board games, for instance. Some unconventional decorations, such as LED lights, can be placed on the wall unit with ease. Your living room will have an exceptional interior as a result.


Instead of floating TV units, use a chest of drawers

Due to their distinct shape, chests of drawers are becoming more and more popular. Despite being incredibly long and wide, they are rather low. Your TV (especially those with a large diagonal screen size) and decorations will remain safe there. Setting your TV on a low stand will improve viewing comfort and give your living space a contemporary feel. Despite the limited space in the chest of drawers, you can still keep little items inside. If you choose to purchase a low chest of drawers, you will have plenty of room above it to add a shelf for extra storage.

After a hard day, family members frequently congregate in the living room of many homes. Even while it's entertaining to share stories from your day, there will come a point when you and your family just want to unwind and enjoy your favourite TV show, therefore it's critical to have a floating TV units that is strategically situated in your living room.

TV Stand Designs

We take pride in keeping a diverse selection of TV models in stock. The floating TV units is one of our best sellers. Customers adore this stand in large part because it has three storage drawers in addition to two open portions that can accommodate a game console or cable box.

Your television and other media equipment will fit snugly inside the Avon Media Chest. You have the choice of using the long and wide open area in this stand for various media layout-related devices. A set of lengthy drawers that can be used for any purpose are included with this sophisticated grey stand.

Selecting floating TV units

Choose a living room stand that complements the room's current aesthetic aspects as a general rule when making your selection. For instance, if your furniture is darker in colour, you shouldn't get a TV stand for your living room that is lighter in colour so that it blends in with the rest of your colour scheme.

Whether or not you intend to utilise floating TV units as storage should be another crucial factor. Although many TV stands come with a spot for your cable box, you may also utilise a TV stand to store crucial documents, books, and DVDs scattered across your living room.

Finally, you should choose your floating TV units based on the height you desire. Your TV stand should ideally be at or slightly below the level of your field of view. This height will make it possible for you and your family to watch television in the utmost comfort.

The best location for floating TV units in a living room

You should think about how your living room is laid out before deciding where to put your floating TV units. Is there a special spot in your home where your family members prefer to sit? Perhaps you're attempting to occupy a vacant area of the room. Having a discussion with your family to seek their opinion on the ideal position is a great idea.

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