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Your Floating TV Unit should be at a height that feels comfortable for you. If it's too high, your neck might start to hurt after watching for long periods of time and if it's low enough the picture quality will diminish. The best place is somewhere between eye-level and head level where you can comfortably watch without straining or slouching in order to see clearly.

The recommended TV height is about 42 inches but the best position depends on how tall your sofa or chairs are. For something more customized make sure you measure yourself when seated ensuring the central region of the TV isn't far above sight line but instead focus on comfortability.

According to the general rules, Floating TV Units should be placed between 36” and 42” above the floor. This allows enough room for floating TV shelves as well as maintaining a safe distance from it in case someone unintentionally bumps into them while walking around.

According to experts, if you mount a 75" TV with the middle of the screen at 42", then a viewer's eyes will be about 2 feet from the floor.

When mounting a TV, the general rule of thumb is to mount it about 55 inches away from the floor for 42 in TVs, 60 inches for 55 inch screens , 65 inches high on a 70 inch screen and 67 inched from the ground when measuring out your favourite large television.

To give your Floating TV Unit the best appearance, make sure it is evenly centered in front of the wall. For example: if you have a large TV and want to ensure that it's placed perfectly centre-aligned with its surroundings, go for at least 3 inches on each side so that an equal amount remains visible behind your stand when viewing from across the room.

It's always better to err on the side of caution, but if you're looking for a 5-10% variance in either direction it won't make much difference.

We would recommend following this rule: have about 3 inches (give or take) of overhang on each end of your TV stand and then see how that looks from there. This helps keep your TV nice and centred while giving the appearance of evenness. However this is situational so more overhang isn't necessarily a bad thing either!

A rule of thumb for us here is to have about 3 inches (give or take) overhang on each end. This keeps your TV nice and centred while giving the appearance evenness, but this isn't a hard-and-fast rule.

If you have a Floating TV Unit and a television that has the same dimensions, your new flat screen is actually wider. The width of your media armoire should be at least as wide as your television set; although, if it's too bulky to fit in tight spaces or narrow hallways, opt for something slim but still no narrower than half the length of either side dimension (height + depth) on both sides--or more so if there are other items alongside them like speakers or game consoles.



Whether you’re going for a modern look in your living room or simply need to save space, there are many benefits of choosing an Entertainment TV Wall Unit. These generally come with adjustable heights and shelves so that they can accommodate various types of TVs along with other components such as video game systems if needed. The main benefit is saving floor space while also being aesthetically pleasing - whether it's simple black painted wood construction or something more ornate like reclaimed barnwood materials finished off by hand! While looking through options before making an investment, definitely consider factors pertaining to size (height), style/materials used.

Look at different materials first such as wood and metal. Then consider finishes like black painted steel with a lacquered top surface. Finally narrow down your options by checking out size since some stands are wider while others have more depth; think about where in the room it will be placed before making any decisions on this feature of choice.-Take measurements so that there is enough space above and below if necessary depending on what kind of screen the TVs comes in. Make sure each component has its own place (i.e., base components should not take up valuable shelf storage).

The best material and finish for Entertainment TV Wall Units depends on the style of your home. For instance, in mid-century or contemporary family rooms that have natural finishes, choose wooden wall TV stands with stains that are neutral like walnut or oak. Meanwhile black options work well to complement modern minimalist homes because they're sleek looking.

By their very nature, Entertainment TV Wall Units are well-suited to modern or contemporary spaces, but they can still fit in with a variety of design styles. It’s simply a matter of choosing a material and finish that complements the look you’re going for. For example, wooden wall TV stands work particularly well when styled midcentury or contemporary family rooms as it softens up the space thanks to natural stains like walnut wood . On the other hand , black versions go best if used on sleek living rooms because this colour scheme is what defines minimalism .

When picking out the right Floating TV Unit for your home, consider the size of space you’re working with. For example, if you have a small living room that needs to be filled up then maybe go with smaller floating TV stands or wall racks so it doesn't over take all of your floor space and make it look cluttered.

When picking out the right solution for your home, consider all of its size. You can even buy a wall rack that allows you to see nothing but your TV screen itself! There are many shapes and sizes available so pick one carefully.

Research shows that people learn in different ways: auditory (listening), visual (seeing) or kinesthetic/tactile (feeling).



A stylish Floating TV Unit can keep your living room free of wires and electronics while still looking clean. If you want to frame the television, a panelled back is perfect for keeping things neat and streamlined. Or if there are no space constraints in your home, consider going with an entertainment centre that fills up multiple walls.

You may want to consider a wall mounted TV cabinet with doors. This will keep wires and electronics out of sight, while also keeping the look clean and streamlined. If you'd like to frame your TV, opt for one that has paneled back so it looks neat. Finally, if space isn't an issue go for an entertainment center filled with shelves on multiple rows as this would anchor the room better than anything else could do!

Framing your Floating TV Unit is a great way to create visual intrigue. You can go with multiple rows of shelves or use panels on the back for a more streamlined look that isn't too cluttered.

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When considering what kind of Floating TV Unit to buy for your home, the size of space you're working with is important. For instance, if you have a small living room that needs to be filled then maybe go with smaller wall racks or floating TV stands so it doesn't take over all floor space and make things look cluttered.

You should position your Floating TV Unit between eye-level and head level because the best viewing experience will be found in this range. The height may vary based on personal preference, but a comfortable distance is necessary to prevent strain or slouching while watching for long periods of time.

Your Floating TV Unit should be at an optimal height that feels good when you watch television so there's no neck pain or picture quality issues after extended use. It shouldn't either too high where it strains your neck if looking up all day nor below waist level where the images become blurry due to being further away than recommended distances allow you to see clearly without straining yourself physically by raising your chin upwards If not having those options are okay with you then fine as well



We all enjoy lounging in front of the telly on a rainy, dull day. To have enough space for our flat screen and blue-ray player plus storage to keep them safe when not using it, we pay close attention to what entertainment TV wall unit we choose for our living room and eventually buy one.

A simple unit will give you plenty of space but if you are planning a home entertainment system including cinema then consider either sideboards or even an entertainment centre!

On rainy, dull days we love to lounge on the couch and watch TV. For our TVs in living rooms, we pay close attention to what type of stand it has and buy accordingly because they provide a flat screen space for storage plus room for DVDs or blue-rays. If you want an entertainment TV wall unit like home cinema systems then opt for media cabinets that have sideboards or even entertainment centres. 

These are much larger and offer a lot more space to get your media playhouse set up – including your gaming console(s). Their storage comes with built in shelves and drawers, perfect for keeping those old movie classics nicely stored away.

Get your media playhouse set up with these large entertainment cabinets. They offer the space to store and display everything you need for a great movie night, including all of those old movies – complete with built in shelves and drawers!

A TV cabinet or stand is another option for a more aesthetically pleasing media centre. You can store your equipment and add-ons while the screen attaches to the wall directly on top of it. We have several brackets that you could use with this setup, including some used specifically in combination with tabletop TVs. By using one of these options, you also get an extra surface to decorate around your TV at home—the top of a television stand works perfectly as decoration space too!

If you want your TV screen mounted directly to the wall, then one option is a TV cabinet or stand where you can store additional equipment while also using it as an area for display. We have several options of brackets used in this setup available! You could even use the top of your TV stand or table to decorate with photo frames and memorabilia from cinema and television shows.

There is also the option of a entertainment TV wall unit where you can store your media and additional equipment while you fix your TV screen directly to the wall. We have several options for this setup available, including brackets that attach to either top of these cabinets/stands. You could even use part of it as an area in which to decorate with photo frames, vases, etc., using some fancy items if desired (TV memorabilia).

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