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  1. FITUEYES Wall Mounted Media Console

Fitueyes entertainment storage unit is one of the best floating TV units available in the market these days. You can place this single, simple-looking cabinet anywhere - from your home to office and other areas too! It offers maximum storage space with a uniquely designed open shelving/drawer combo for hiding all wires inside its centre rack compartment. The adjustable racks also come handy when you need to mount different accessories like DVD players or gaming consoles etc., which are most often used together with TVs nowadays. Plus it's so easy and quick mounting that even amateurs will be able to assemble it within minutes!


  1. Martin Floating Wall Mounted TV Console

This is such a unique floating TV unit, right? This modern media furniture is from brand Martin. Its asymmetrical design, clean look and matte finishing in Columbian walnut laminate wood tone with black accents make this practical wall-mounted stand popular on Amazon.

One of its most dominant features are the two shelves that can accommodate an audio/video component side by side as well as one soundbar on the top shelf. The weight limit for this product should be clear: it's 70 lbs! It also comes along with mounting hardware and all installation instructions to help you get started quickly - literally within an hour if not less than 30 minutes!


  1. LIUSHI Wall Mounted Media Console

This durable and spacious floating TV unit is perfect for those who are looking to free up space on their walls. It includes two tiers of shelves, so you can store everything related to your television in one place- from remotes, cables boxes and game consoles all the way down to books or plants! Plus its made out sturdy parcel board will help it hold a lot without being bulky.


  1. South Shore 9029676 Floating Wall Mounted Media Console

The South Shore floating TV unit is a modern, stylish way to display your entertainment items. It features an easy assembly and three choices of colors: pure white, black oak or chocolate/zebrano. This unit will be sure to add more style into any room with its sleek cabinet for storage ornaments and family photos as well as holes on the bottom that allow you navigate cables without them being visible!

The contemporary design of this television console provides enough space not only for a TV but also other media equipment like game consoles and DVD players which can easily clutter up the living area if they are placed too close together.


  1. Electric Fireplace Floating TV Stand

Want to brighten up your home with some creative and innovative floating tv units ideas? This media shelf is a perfect option for you! Both fashionable and functional, this Electric Fireplace TV Stand will give the feeling of comfort in your entertainment area. It is quite durable and will easily store all your DVDs, game consoles, controllers, and decorations.


This elegant looking console can be used anywhere from living room areas to study spaces or even bedrooms- it's versatile enough for any space that needs an aesthetically pleasing aesthetic touch as well as functionality! Environmentally friendly materials make sure no toxic chemicals are ever released into the air around you while using such items like these electric fireplaces too - so not only do they look good but they act responsibly to.


  1. 2-Tier Modern Wall Mounted TV Shelf

Are you looking for a fresh way to decorate your media room? There are many options of floating TV units available, but this one is an excellent choice. It not only provides ample storage compartments that can house all the extras like remote controls and cables (there's even cable holes!), it also includes modern shelves so you have plenty of space on which to store ornaments and other knickknacks! This unit comes in three sizes- small, medium, large-, giving every customer their perfect fit. But don't worry if these dimensions sound too big; there's nothing more freeing than watching TV with minimal furniture taking up floor space around the television set itself!


  1. Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console

Are you in need of a new floating TV unit? This is the perfect solution for all your AV needs. The Prepac Altus Wall Mounted Audio/Video Console has multiple unit shelves with display and storage, so that Blu-Ray Players, Xbox1s or any other components can be stored out of sight but close by. Made from wood composite material to ensure durability, this media shelf holds up to 118 Blu-Rays! It's available on Amazon now at $1199; just click here (insert link) if interested!

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