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There is no better feeling than curling up on the couch with your favorite TV show after a long, arduous day at work. You need not only have the proper TV, but also the ideal floating TV units to sit it on, to ensure that you have the best possible TV viewing experience in your living room, bedroom, or conservatory. But you must first take a step back and reflect before rushing out to the closest furniture store and making a hasty, illogical buy that will ultimately leave you with an ill-fitting TV cabinet.
There are three crucial factors to take into account when selecting floating TV stands or floating TV cabinets for your home. Your storage needs come in second, followed by the size of your TV and the room you want to put it in, and your room's theme and décor come in third.
The type of floor-standing floating TV stands you can purchase will be greatly influenced by the size of the TV you already own. If your television is too large for the accompanying floating TV units, it won't be adequately supported and is more likely to tip over or collapse on its own. Similar to how furniture that is too large for a living room or bedroom may make the space feel smaller and more crowded, we always advise checking all measurements before making a purchase.
Have you ever spent a lot of time using a computer only to have neck pain because it was either too high or too low? Who among us hasn't? TVs are subject to the same rule, though. A floor-standing floating TV set will typically sit lower than your couch or armchair, but not so much lower as to be uncomfortable for extended periods of time. A wall-mounted cabinet, however, if positioned too high on the wall, will make for uncomfortable viewing and, over time, will strain your neck and head. Before choosing which floating TV stands to buy, it's important to consider the final viewing height at which your TV will be placed in order to prevent this.
You may choose the floating TV cabinets that will match your space the best by taking into account the shape of the room. There is really no need to worry if you are fortunate enough to have a large living area or bedroom because nearly any form and size will fit and look excellent. It may be a little difficult if your living room is oddly shaped or even small. To remedy this, we advise adding a corner floating TV unit to the space. A corner unit's back is made to extend far further into the room's corner than a stand with a straight edge.
Style is subjective. You might wish to choose something completely different from your current furniture, such as a coffee table, nest of tables, lamp table, or bookcase, to go with your new TV entertainment unit. You have a choice, but remember to carefully analyze each material. For instance, glass is more fashionable but tends to show every fingerprint, which may not be suitable for young children with sticky fingers. Wood, on the other hand, is more lasting but can be more expensive.
Storage comes last but not least. The majority of floating TV stands come with extra storage for your gaming consoles, satellite boxes, and even remote controllers. You can use open shelving for a lighter and more airy alternative or closed cupboards to assist conceal these objects. If you decide to use open shelving, make sure not to overcrowd the shelves; doing so might make the area appear congested.
Your living room's design must include a TV cabinet, and some of your home's bedrooms may also require one. You have the option to either leave your screen on display or hide it away when it's not in use with the designs in our range of floating TV cabinets. Additionally, because televisions no longer come in a single unit, our floating TV stands provide space for set-top boxes, consoles, controllers, and leads. This allows you to keep only the items you wish on display while keeping the rest secure in its proper location. Our floating TV cabinets are stylish pieces of furniture in and of themselves, so they won't compete with the other furniture selections you pick for your space. However, they are also made for modern life, with convenient cable access and storage for stuff like DVDs and CDs within, if you need it.
What a beautiful enormous OLED TV you have! But sitting on the floor isn't ideal, is it? standing at your feet as opposed to being hoisted aloft, like any shrine to the gods of Hollywood should be, doesn't quite have the same solemnity.
However, unless you choose a stylish Samsung QLED set with its cable-tidying One Connect devices, thin and light TVs can still make hanging a TV on the wall more difficult than it formerly was. And that's before you think of pulling the toolbox out and hanging it by drilling holes in your walls.
In order to integrate in with your home decor and conceal all of your connections, finding a good floating TV stand is still a top priority for movie aficionados. If you're bringing home anything larger than a 40-inch screen, you might already be struggling for room.
We've combed through the offerings of some of our favorite tech and furnishing stores to identify the floating TV stands that, in our opinion, are the most opulently styled or functionally made. Although we haven't actually used these products, they're either from trustworthy, trendy stores or come highly recommended based on user review data.
For the most part, we've gone with stands that can hold the typical large-sized TVs (between 55 and 65 inches) available on the market, but before you spend a lot of money, be sure your floating TV units will comfortably rest on these pieces. See our selections below.
Over time, both televisions and the equipment that supports them have changed. These days, you may keep your television on the wall with ease, so you don't need to install a large piece of furniture.
But you can always install chic, modern, and gorgeous wall-mounted TV units without limiting the space in your home and put all the TV consoles there along with a few trinkets.
This will make your space look elegant and modern, which is far preferable to leaving your TV on the wall by itself.
Similar to the television itself, the majority of contemporary floating TV stands can be fixed on a wall. Then, you can design them whatever you like to improve the look of your area.
However, in order to make the best decision, you must first be aware of the different types of floating TV units that are offered on the market.
In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, you should spend money on floating TV stands that can hold all the necessary parts and any other accessories.
For instance, you should have some cabinets to store your collection of movies and video games, a tiny pedestal (or flat panel) to hold your remote control and cable box, and a way to neatly organize your wires without making them look unkempt.
The stand's length should also be taken into account because it needs to be long enough to hold the television, speakers, AV equipment, DVD player, and other accessories.
If there is limited room, the stand should be designed with several shelves to properly organize things and avoid looking cluttered.
It is strongly advised to use vertical floating TV stands that can be rotated to some degree to provide an improved viewing experience from every location in the room.
To keep the TV manual, vital papers, remote controls, and everything else organized and tidy, mount a second flat panel.
Choose a stand with more than one panel if you want to store additional goods on it, such as some books, notepads, and stationery.
You can get a sense of what to search for here, from the traditional to the contemporary.
It's not a good idea to completely ignore aesthetics because your guests will be delighted in your living room by the television, which typically takes up a little amount of space.
Make sure the stand's design, color, and material complement the interiors to improve the aesthetic of the overall space.
Depending on your needs, tastes, and interior decor, you can choose from stands made of wood, metal, or glass.
Let's now offer you an overview of the several kinds of floating TV sets you can buy.
The glass television units are a visual marvel for any upscale setting.
They don't just appear forward-thinking; they also improve the space's aesthetic appeal by prominently showing all the electronic apparatus.
These items frequently include metal fittings that reflect light, making the room appear brighter.
If you install glass floating TV units, you must periodically dust all the equipment to keep it spotless.
Otherwise, they might change the way the place looks since there is nothing to conceal from view.
The glass components are typically sold as platform stands, which have a simple design and no sides or walls to add additional support.
Metal or wood may be your best bet if you desire a complex design.
The floating TV stands made of metal come in a wide variety of patterns and styles, are lightweight, and hence more portable than those made of wood.
They can be made to order in unique designs, features, and, of course, colors, depending on your specific preferences and size needs.
You can also choose a stand with glass shelves to improve aesthetics and a basic construction made of metal.
The metal stands look best in interiors with a sense of style, such as those with marble floors and light-colored ceramic walls, rusty ones with grey walls and floors, or anything else that looks similar.
Make sure the stand fits your floating TV sets and all of its components by looking at its measurements before selecting it.
It's possible that you won't receive drawers on the metal supports, but if you do, count it as good luck.
Due to their innate strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal, wood television stands are the preferred option among homeowners.
The wood stands have been used for generations, although metal and glass stands have only recently become more popular.
As they come in a variety of forms and patterns, they may be installed in both opulent, elegant homes and modern ones.
If you have a roomy area where a heavy furniture item will go, you can go all-out with your wood floating TV stands by adding a ton of compartments, shelves, and drawers to store all the necessary tools and accessories.
While homeowners tend to like rich, wood textures, you may also choose exquisite patterns and rich tones based on your personal preferences and the interior design of the room.
By accommodating all the games, AV equipment, cable boxes, DVD players, and other entertainment equipment for your family, this unit seeks to serve as more than just a floating TV unit.
In most cases, they take up a sizable portion of your living area and draw attention from passersby.
Therefore, care should be used in selecting the stand's design and material.
It's a stunning, modern floating TV stand with a spine emerging from the center that resembles a wall mount yet floats on the floor.
This spine supports the television and ensures that it is securely mounted on the wall without the need for drilling holes in it.
All the necessary equipment is housed on the flat panel beneath the screen, which keeps the entire television setup tidy and organized.
This works best for families with kids because they can assist the parents in hiding the television while it isn't in use.
It can cost a bit more than the other conventional models and comprises of a motorized floating TV stand.
If you have a pricey TV that the kids playing in the room could harm, it might be worth the expenditure.
This is the basic floating TV unit for the modern, sleek Smart television sets, which is preferred by the majority of homeowners these days. They don't take up any space on the floor and are therefore ideal for living rooms with little carpeting.
For this stand to be installed and provide stable support for the TV, holes must be bored into the walls. Only if you are reasonably convinced that you won't need to move the TV later should you choose this stand.
With so many options, choosing the best floating TV sets for your living room or any other room might be overwhelming. You should choose the unit that best meets your needs after taking accurate dimensions and into account the room's visual appeal.
Speak with an expert if necessary, but before making a purchase, perform your due diligence and investigate the various television stands on the market.
Find a practical storage option that blends in with your décor if your family room, bedroom, or game room are all crammed with books or video games. A floating TV stand is a simple way to accomplish this.
It is simple to become overwhelmed by the variety of floating TV unit models available, but the purchasing process is made easier by limiting your options based on size, kind, and style. You'll be on your way to a more organized living room after you know how you want to use your floating TV stands to keep your belongings.
You might believe that a small floating TV unit is your only option if you live in a limited space. But if you get a stand that is too small, your TV won't fit on it, and you won't have enough space for storage to clear the clutter from your house. Prior to making a floating TV stand purchase, it's critical to precisely measure your TV.
Measure your screen diagonally using a tape measure; whereas floating TV stands are sometimes sized using a width measurement, TV displays are typically measured diagonally. As a result, if your floating TV stand is narrow, your TV will be broader than the stand it is seated on, which may affect stability and aesthetics. For instance, you should choose a 65 inch TV stand if your TV is roughly 56 inches wide.
Make sure your TV stand is as least as broad as the TV for stability. There are several different TV stand options that offer storage on either side of the TV that are suitable for TVs with screens larger than 65 inches. You can utilize the area to display decorative objects like family photos or potted plants.
If you have a large TV, there are TV stands with mounts that enable you to elevate it off the stand's surface and store it safely to reduce the likelihood that it may topple over. Additionally, it allows you extra room to arrange your mementos on the top surface of the unit.
With so much happening in the world of home entertainment, it's crucial that you pick a floating TV unit that serves multiple purposes and isn't just for your TV. For things like game consoles, DVD players, Blu-ray players, surround sound gear, and cable boxes, it should have plenty of storage.
A cable management system ought to be installed on each floating TV stand to create a clutter-free area that is secure for kids and dogs. Seek out units with covered channels or holes drilled into the back panels that extend downward from the mount. All of the electrical wires and connecting cords should be simple to access from the back of the stand.
For every TV, a TV stand with a mount is a terrific alternative, but they're especially useful for larger TVs because they free up floor space and make the living space safer. To counterbalance the weight of the TV and provide adjustable features that let you alter the TV's height and angle, the mount should be fastened to the base unit.
floating corners
To make the most of underutilized tight areas, TV stands are triangular in design. These units can be the ideal complement to your bedroom and are excellent for tiny houses with limited space.
Additionally, there are hutch variants available with doors or shutters that can be closed over your TV while it's not in use. These substantial pieces of furniture are intended to detract attention from your TV.
From shabby-chic bedrooms to rustic living spaces, a well-designed TV stand has a great way of bringing the entire space together. Your floating TV sets' ability to fit in with your other furnishings and how you style it depends on the materials used in their construction.
Wire mesh and distressed wood are ideal for farmhouse-style decor. These materials provide a laid-back, rural vibe that fits in well with your current interior design concept.
Look for long lines in sleek metal or steel that has been painted matte black and has brushed metal hardware for something with a more contemporary feel. Tempered safety glass is a fantastic choice for modern or contemporary homes. It is also appropriate for compact living spaces because it can enlarge the room.
A floating TV stand constructed of sturdy hardwood with a rich mahogany finish may be a stunning statement piece and provide plenty of storage for a more conventional or traditional appearance.
The most prevalent hue is brown since floating TV units and TV stands with mounts are frequently made of wood. Given that it is a neutral color, practically any possible design scheme works well with brown. A brown finish, which ranges from light beige to deep walnut, harmonizes with your existing furniture and living room textiles without taking attention away from the other design components in the room.
Black is a good option if you want something more modern. High gloss coatings can provide an interesting textural element to a space with a retro-modern design but tend to seem outmoded.
Although practically any color can achieve a shabby-chic aesthetic, white is the most common and is therefore the easiest to complement with vibrant flashes of color. A further striking aesthetic element is a distressed finish.
Finding furniture in neutral hues to tie the space together is a terrific idea if you're looking for a completely new decorating style or have future plans to expand your living room set. Since almost every style works well with shades like gray, ivory, black, and natural wood finishes, you can change your design plan without having to buy new furniture.
Don't simply focus on the practicality while looking for a fun new piece of floating TV cabinets to aid in your organization. When you go furniture shopping with designs and accessories in mind, it can be a lot of fun.
To guarantee a secure and useful living area, it's also crucial to take into account the items you need to store on the floating TV units shelf and the size of your TV. You can be sure you'll have a beautiful piece of furniture that will last for years when these two factors come together.
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