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It's a good idea to give each item a home so that everything can be found while preventing clutter. Having floating TV stands with lots of storage, especially for your electronics, may be the answer to your clutter issue.
A living room's main point should be a floating TV stand. It is a simple approach to demonstrate your entertainment system and keep visitors occupied for hours. It is also ideal for days when you and your partner want to relax and watch a good TV show.
Every taste and price range can find a TV rack. If you're looking for the ideal floating TV stands for your house, we've reviewed a few models that fit the bill in terms of price, size, and storage possibilities:
• BDI Corridor 65" x 21" Triple-Width TV Stand with Drawer in Chocolate Stained Walnut
• Roslyn County Dark Wood Floating TV Stands by Hooker Furniture American Life, 1618-85001-DKW, $2,601, 2 Drawers, 4 Shelves
About $1.116 for the Hooker Furniture Black 66"L x 21"W Rectangular Entertainment Console with 3 Drawers.
• Hooker Melange Medium Wood Furniture Rectangular entertainment console measuring 70"L x 20"W x 36.25"H, $2,322, and featuring two glass doors and two adjustable shelves
• Rich Dark Macchiato Treviso by Hooker Furniture 94"L x 22"W There is nothing quite like having a large television set as the focal point of your entertainment or living room. Rectangular entertainment console, $2,268, 94"L x 22"W x 32"H, Includes 4 doors with 1 movable shelf Consider experiencing a theater-like setting in the convenience of your own home. It's similar to having access to a fridge and a full kitchen while viewing a movie in a theater. Heaven!
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The 79" x 21" Chocolate Stained Walnut Quad Width Tall TV Stand from BDI Corridor makes sure that nothing will go wrong with the focal point of your living space. This 200 kg giant of floating TV stands is composed of walnut wood with a chocolate varnish and can hold televisions up to 85". For your consoles, DVD players, and other loose wires, it features three shelves and three drawers. Two features are typically sought for in a TV rack: lots of storage space and tried-and-true durability. You don't want the item to collapse under the weight of a large-screen television, after all.

• The Hooker Furniture American Life TV console resembles the BDI Corridor TV console. The Roslyn County Dark Wood TV Stand is designed to accommodate the biggest televisions on the market. This console, which weighs 306 9 lbs, can support up to 80 televisions. This piece is built to last because it is constructed with poplar and hardwood solids as well as black walnut veneers.

• The living room serves as the primary gathering place for most families when entertaining visitors. The area needs to have a decent flow and be clutter-free. If you enjoy hosting events, the simplest way to turn away visitors and ensure that they won't return is to have a cramped and disorganized entertainment space.

• Nevertheless, you don't have to settle for an unattractive television console simply because your living room isn't very big. The Hooker Furniture Black 66" L X 21" Rectangular Entertainment Console does not, at least not in this case.

This Hooker Furniture piece is large enough to support a 60" television. This Floating TV stands is built of solid mango wood and weighs only 141 lbs, making it substantially lighter than all other options. It is strong, lovely, and just what your entertainment room needs.
One of the best investments is a television console since it may serve both decorative and practical purposes. They can serve as both storage and the decorative centerpiece of your living space. The Melange Medium Wood Rectangular Entertainment Console by Hooker Furniture is the ideal illustration of this.
This elegant piece of Hooker Furniture, made of poplar and hardwood solids and adorned with Alder veneers and seeded glass, can transform any living area from boring to gorgeous! You can display your collection and store items that you don't want to clutter up your living space behind the elaborately made glass doors.

An entertainment console designed for the most stunning man caves is the perfect way to express I love you to the best man in your life. The Rich Dark Macchiato 94" x 22" Rectangular Entertainment Console by Hooker Furniture is the ideal present for anyone looking to give their home a timeless, opulent appeal.
This television cabinet is made of genuine Spruce wood with Pine veneers, making it both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Carefully chosen for this artwork, the material neither expands nor contracts with temperature or weather. It has plenty of storage space that is ideal for your Xbox, Playstation, or any gaming console!
Wall-mounted consoles are excellent since they provide both storage and utility. Unfortunately, even the smallest television consoles cannot always be placed in some dwellings. Fortunately, television wall mounts can help you with your issues.
You may display your television on floating TV stands and raise it to eye level for convenient viewing. It has no floor space requirements and is reasonably priced. Although this solution necessitates drilling into the wall, it is optimal for homeowners.

Corner Shelf • A corner shelf, as the name implies, is a floating TV stand made to fit the corners of your home. It makes the most of every usable square inch in a space, making it a compromise between a wall mount and a console table. It might have room for your gaming consoles and other technology, depending on the design. For televisions in bedrooms, it is suggested.
The majority of our selection—and for good reason—includes console television racks. This style of TV stand offers three benefits. It can be used for storage as well as decoration and can support huge weights, making it ideal for large screens.
Even if it costs a little bit more money, it is an investment that is worthwhile, especially considering how much you may utilize one piece for. A console table TV rack is the greatest option if you really want to make the most of your space.
For many people, having a large flat-screen television is the stuff of dreams. Purchasing a piece of furniture that can appropriately display and store your TV only makes sense. The options shown above are some of the top floating TV stands currently on the market. We hope that we have helped you make a less difficult and stressful decision!
Floating TV stands are a fantastic addition to any home, but they're especially amazing if you want a nice living room where you can put your TV and watch TV and play games. However, you should also seek for appropriate seats before you start looking for amazing TV stands online. From Urban Ladder, you may always go through our catalog. They are the finest pieces of furniture if you want to obtain some extra storage space, have a place to put your TV, set up a little home theater, and all of that! You must then bear a few factors in mind before making the TV stand buy. What you should remember is as follows:
So, if you don't know the precise dimensions of your TV, you can use your tape measure to measure diagonally across the screen. Recall that TV screens are measured diagonally at all times. You can get floating TV stands that can hold your TV and other accessories if you use a TV stand's width dimension. When the TV stand is at least as broad as your TV, you can remove it. Additionally, be sure to select one that meets the seating height before making your choice. You can choose from Floating TV stands that are small, regular height, tall, etc.; just make sure it fits the height of the sitting and the viewing angle.
So, after determining the size of the floating TV stands, decide what kind of TV stand you want. Are you a fan of the popular TV stands that come with extra stands for storing accessories? Or do you like corner TV stands? Therefore, does having a TV stand, which functions as an entertainment center, give you plenty of storage space for other devices that may be linked to TV-like video game consoles like PS4, Blu-ray players, cable boxes, etc.? Corner TV stands can be placed in the corner of the room and resemble those with a triangular edge design. These TV stands are a good option if you don't have much space because they can help draw attention away from the TVs and showcase other items in the room.
There are wood and metal variations available when picking a TV stand, and both materials are popular choices. Whereas metal TV stands are more typical of a modern or contemporary style home, wood TV stands are more of a traditional approach. To improve their appearance, the metal Floating TV stands have more of a powder or chrome finish. A metal TV stand is a good option if you don't have a lot of room because it is practical and has lots of storage space. Additionally, it is portable, making it the greatest option if you frequently change the interior style.
When you have decided on the type of stand, seek for ones that complement your interior design. Does the TV stand fit the design of your house and tie the space together? Choose a timeless look if you want to look good at all times. Alternately, you may have chosen a traditional or even a bohemian look. For your contemporary homes, you can also have a modern TV stand.
Every person in the world has a favorite color, and since TV stands come in a variety of materials, you can select from a set of hues. There is black, which is practically universal, and then there is brown. The more distinctive the colors, the better your property will look. Additionally, black is the finest choice if you frequently change the interiors of your vehicle. If not, there are several complementary tones of brown. In the end, the color of the floating TV stands will also match the interior design style.
These are some of the options available to you, so. Of course, there are other components like shelves, glass doors, or a few drawers for additional storage. You have the option to decide and confirm if there is sufficient room for any device storage. For you to have goods you can retain, you can use adjustable shelves. The stand can also be used to conceal some goods from view. Go ahead and purchase any TV stands that feature glass doors if you want to. Don't worry; the glasses are significantly stronger than conventional glasses because they are tempered.
Are floating TV stands a viable alternative to a conventional unit? You should think about a lot of factors before beginning your search.
In our corner TV stand buyer's guide, we cover everything from the many different brands and styles to the ideal Floating TV stands proportions for your TV.
Corner TV stands are a fantastic, space-saving option whether you have little room in your living room or just like the offset style.
The benefits of floating TV stands
Why need to you think about a corner TV stand? Typical TV stands are rectangular in shape and are meant to be positioned parallel to a wall.
The floating TV stands are frequently positioned in the middle of one wall, with the furniture set up to facilitate easy viewing.
The configuration of your living room may prevent you from positioning your floating TV stands against the middle of a wall, or that arrangement might not fit with your vision for the space.
The effects of placing a normal TV stand in a corner are not very good. They can't fit flush against a wall, thus they wind up taking up more room.
When a typical floating TV stand is placed diagonally against a corner, the corner area is also lost. Corner TV stands are made to address this issue.
There are a few broad varieties of floating TV stands that all have slightly distinct looks, but corner TV stands often have cutaway, tapered sides that allow them to nestle into a corner without sticking out too far.
Some have a triangle design that continues around the corner. Others have a triangle shape with a point that is chopped off, partially reaching into the vacant corner. Some feature an extended hexagonal shape with the corner left unfilled.
In the proper setting, floating TV stands can be fantastic, but they're not always the greatest choice. Your corner stand might need to protrude significantly from the walls to make room for it, depending on the size of your room and TV.
The farmhouse or cottage style is extremely popular because it is casually elegant and rustic. These TV stands typically feature distinctive accents, light or neutral hues, and intended distressing.
We've compiled a list of some of our favorite items to serve as decor inspiration for your own space. Please be aware that the prices stated are solely for reference and may change depending on the season and current deals.
Here's a creative way to do the farmhouse look! This floating TV stand has powder-coated legs, mesh doors, and a subtle gray wash finish. Inside the two-door cabinet are movable shelves.
Additionally, you are free to exhibit trinkets or special things on the open shelves along the front edges. We appreciate that this one includes hardware to secure it to the wall, which is perfect if you have children living in the home.
A lot of storage space is provided by floating TV stands, which are made of solid maple wood and have two cupboards on either end.
The middle of the unit is divided by two open shelves. It is available in the finishes Antique White, Danish Cherry, and Rustic Black.
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