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Your next movie marathon or streaming binge will be enhanced with the proper entertainment center lighting. This area, which is typically used for DVDs and trinkets, may work flawlessly with surround sound and UHD TVs to create an unforgettable experience. With these fantastic alternatives, you can turn TV into a very immersive experience.

10 original lighting concepts for floating tv units

Create your own dazzling glow with the entertainment center lights listed below, regardless of whether your floating tv units is basic or an intricate piece of furniture surrounds the screen on all sides.

  1. Turn on light

Perhaps you keep your favorite romance novels, collectibles, and video games near at hand in your entertainment center. Choose a straightforward light that lights these items if your entertainment center doubles as storage space. Push lights are a good illustration.

Push lights mount easily on your shelves and need little to no effort to install in the majority of variants. Just some batteries and, depending on the light, some screws or double-sided tape, are required. Alternatively, if your push light has an adhesive backing of its own, simply peel it off, pop it on, and revitalize your entertainment center. You may give all of your valuables a bright glow with just a few pushes of your push light.

  1. Natural lighting

The "wow" effect in your floating tv units can be improved with good ambient lighting. This source may come from a mood-enhancing fixture or the basic lighting in your room, such as recessed lights. In either case, adding ambient lighting can easily transform a dull, lifeless entertainment center into a brilliant showpiece.

Additionally, ambient mood lighting may simply fit into any nook or cranny on your shelf. To generate a magnificent shine as you read your preferred book, you might set your light close to your treasures or next to your books. It's a stylish method to instantly give your bookshelf a soft light.

You may choose any mood with the BlissRadia Ambient Mood Light by controlling the colors and effects directly from your phone. By doing this, you may prepare the atmosphere for your upcoming family movie night without having to manually adjust your fixtures on a stepstool.

On the rainbow, there are countless colors to pick from, such as a soothing blue or an intense crimson. Really, you can discover the ideal shade for each state of mind. For convenient control at any time, you can also link your mood light to the BlissHome app, Alexa, or Google Home. With these ambient mood lights, you only need to use your voice or a phone to switch from a loud party to a soft glow.

  1. Lights that detect motion

Motion-activated lights literally switch on with no effort. They won't turn on until you are within reach of them. Once you've done that, you may relax and take in the amazing illumination for hours.

To draw attention on your prized possessions, install motion-activated lights to the walls or place them just beneath each shelf in your floating tv units. Other options, like the BlissEmber, are plug-in night lights that are small yet strong and offer the same motion-sensing effect right next to your entertainment center. This multicolor light has a 20-foot range of detection for motion. You can quickly change the hue to suit the occasion with your phone, Google Home, or Alexa.

  1. Wall lights

Do you want your floating tv units to have the appearance of being on the Good Housekeeping cover? The solution is to use wall sconces. These fixtures may elegantly flank each side of your tv and mount directly to your wall. Don't be alarmed by the "attach directly to the wall" statement, though; instead, choose a plug-in design to avoid having an electrician come out.

There is a wall sconce for everyone because they exist in so many different styles, sizes, and forms. The selections range from sleek black to brilliant gold fixtures. Installing your wall sconces in pairs will probably make them appear their finest, so look for matching sets for the greatest results. You may even choose four sconces to fully illuminate your floating tv units, depending on the width of your space.

  1. Projector from Galaxy

Imagine that you want to upgrade your movie nights or that you want to watch your favorite TV program with the backdrop of a brilliant night sky. All of that and more will be provided via galaxy projectors. For instance, the SkyLite 2.0 may quickly turn your entertainment center into a brand-new planet.

With your loved ones by your side, drift off to sleep beneath the brilliant, glittering stars and colorful, drifting nebulas. Change the speed, color, brightness, and effects of your floating nebulas using the BlissLights app. In this manner, you can unwind while you lie with your loved ones and watch the sparkling lights. Another way to liven up family gaming night is with dual-color nebulas that swirl and glow. In order to give you infinite pleasure, the SkyLite 2.0 has three brightness settings, seven effects that are inspired by nature, and a built-in six-hour timer.

  1. Floor lamp on a shelf

Ceiling lights don't always perform the job of showcasing the focal point of your living area. Shelf floor lamps are an excellent choice if you want a little lighter or if you want to completely replace the ceiling lights. Shelf floor lights are a good option to flank a smaller TV, even though it might seem unusual to suggest them next to aTV full of shelves. In this way, a DVD player or gaming system can be stored on the shelves right beneath the TV, and your collections can be moved to the floor lamp shelf.

  1. Decorative lights

Your favorite items, such as collectibles or artwork, that surround your floating tv units are displayed in this style of fixture. They're an excellent method to draw attention to everything in your entertainment system without taking away from the TV, which should remain the room's main attraction. Install these lights easily on a nearby wall or ceiling, then aim them where you need more of that lovely illumination.

  1. A lamp

While watching your favorite movie on television, picture a gentle pink glow. Or perhaps, during your late-night gaming sessions, you prefer a glaring red light as you vanquish the adversary. You can add a memorable glow with smart light bars that dramatically alters how you consume content. Simply place the lighting bar behind your floating tv units and begin enjoying the vibrant display. You won't have to watch a movie in complete darkness or with a bright white background light thanks to these lights. Instead, a gentle glow will be seen directly behind your screen.

Dimmers 9.

Sometimes all you need is a little shine to go with your favorite movie. But if the only lighting options for your floating tv units are super-bright overhead lights or nothing at all, it's time to look into dimmers.

You may adjust the amount of lighting in your entertainment room with dimmers. You may adjust these lights for any activity, from a soft glow while you look for your next mystery movie to bright lighting to go with relaxed daytime viewing.

Cabinet LEDs, 10.

LED strips may easily be used to line each shelf in your entertainment center so you can make the most of your space. These cabinet LEDs are simple to install and quick to start using. Simply cut the strip to the desired size, remove the adhesive backing, and apply it on, above, or beneath any cabinet area. To select the ideal colors and patterns, use the app's controls.

You should definitely choose the BlissGlow Multicolor LED Strip Light while illuminating your floating tv units. With independent color management, you can dazzle with 12 various hues or use one color at a time to establish the mood. These strips can respond to whatever is played on the floating tv units thanks to their four different music detection modes. More immersion is not possible than that.

You may make your own color presets using the built-in controller or the BlissLights app. To modify your entire space, set timers, or adjust brightness, connect to the BlissLights app.




The family entertains guests and conducts daily activities in the living room. As a result, the living room receives greater attention when most individuals decorate their homes. The floating tv units wall in the living room is considered to be the most significant wall in the room's decor. After all, the majority of family routines involve conversing and drinking tea while watching TV in the living room.

The facade of the house is determined by the TV background wall, which also has an impact on the residence's general attractiveness. Without lighting, even a well-designed TV wall will seem lifeless. Don't forget to take into account this minor aspect of current lighting design trends while creating a TV background.

People's Vision And The Lighting Of The Floating TV Units Wall Are Inextricably Related

Do you understand what the TV wall background illumination actually means? such as movie lighting, Although it has an additional meaning, such as beautifying the environment, you may argue that it is not the most significant. Its true purpose is to safeguard our eyes while viewing movies and to ease visual strain.

Why Eye Fatigue Is More Prone In Dark Environments

In a dark setting, the pupils of the eyes will dilate to better absorb light to aid in object detection in the dark, causing the light from the TV to become extremely dazzling in the dark, easy to harm the eyes, and induce visual fatigue; when the TV is The eyes are seriously damaged by direct strobe and rapidly flashing light sources.


"Ambient light" is taken into account in lighting design. Set the backdrop light source on the floating tv units back wall to improve room identification in the dark, lessen the contrast between the screen and the environment, soften the contrast, and create a more aesthetically beautiful flat-screen television.

TV Ambient lighting in the living room from the walls One way to describe decor lighting is "atmosphere creation master," and "ambience light" is one of the three main types of home lighting that is ideal for use in TV wall decor ideas. The "lingering collision" of light and wall layout, material, and color can effectively improve the beauty and comfort of the space and add a romantic and warm to home life Scenery because the floating tv units background is not an area with frequent activities, the demand for brightness is not high, and these factors together make the TV wall background a less bright area.

A Classic Example Of Design Errors

The Floating TV Units wall lighting was unable to accomplish this!

Not that there is no light, but rather that there are too many lights, is the saddest aspect of the TV background wall. Let's examine some prevalent design flaws:

Key Ideas For Interior Lighting Design -

To choose the type of light source, lighting model, and technique of light distribution, the lighting interior design of the wall floating tv units background should be based on the overall space art, the materials of the wall, and color matching. ideas for lcd television walls The lighting design for TV accent walls is primarily intended to produce a distinctive light and shadow effect; as a result, it does not call for extremely strong lighting, and the light should not directly impact the TV, audio, or people's faces.

- With The Light Source, Diffuse Reflection

The light source for the floating tv units background is best expressed as a diffuse reflection, which not only highlights the background's features but also prevents direct light sources from interfering with the TV and producing unneeded glare. Use the method of cleaning the wall to organize the lights, such as building a light trough to clean the wall, to present a subtle three-dimensional impression when the background wall's three-dimensionality is weak; When the background wall has a strong sense of three dimensions, the lighting can be arranged by washing the wall, for example, washing the wall with a wall washer, lowering the duration of the shadow and reflecting a strong sense of unevenness.

PS: When using the wall washer to position the lights, be mindful of the angle of the light to prevent direct light from shining on the floating tv units screen and audio-visual equipment, which will result in light pollution like the light curtain effect and reflected glare, which will affect the best spatial visual effect.

Additional Lighting To Decorate The TV Backdrop Wall

Other decorative lighting options are available to adorn the floating tv units background wall. You can install some downlights and spotlights on the ceiling for accent lighting if the home's back wall is constructed of bricks, stones, or contains a fireplace. Produce some arc lighting effects, which can serve as general illumination as well as drawing people's attention. PS: When installing downlights on a floating tv units wall, make sure to consider the lamps' beam angles and how far they should be from the wall.


How to Meet the Ideas for TV Wall Lighting

Ideas for LED floating tv units walls

The light strip is the first option when it comes to TV background wall illumination. The light is not dazzling or brilliant, and the light source is concealed and not revealed.

The light strip has a homogeneous, gentle glow that is filled with atmosphere. Additionally, the linear lighting has a strong sense of texture and is quite high, making it particularly ideal for basic and modern designs.

Wall Led Strip Lighting

A peaceful, velvety ambiance is produced by combining the soft sack and the light strip.

The light strip includes a number of design and play options in addition to being integrated into the floating tv units background wall's ceiling.

Which Soft Light Strip Is Better For A Floating TV Units Background Wall?

COB LED Lighting Strips

The COB light strip from YIFORD is the best option if you want to provide homogeneous lighting with a gentle brightness that isn't blinding.

In comparison to conventional SMD soft light strips, COB light strips have no graininess, practically produce light in a line, and have good color consistency. Some high-density light strips on the market could be replaced by it. COB not only reduces prices but also addresses issues with soldering ease, chromatic aberration, and graininess. The COB soft light strip from YIFORD can dissipate chip heat, increase light output, and lessen glare from LED lights.

Floating TV Units Lighting in Warm White and Neutral Tones

The family's interior lighting scheme should be as neutral or warm as feasible. Use white light if the upper wall's background wall color is darker or if you want to draw attention to a particular substance. It is both brighter on the one hand and performs better on the surface material on the other. Use warm light if you want to highlight the atmosphere or avoid being overly bright.

Various Light's Color Temperatures

You can use Yiford as a resource for information on the light's color temperature. In order to make the lighting atmosphere in the home more cozy and protect the eyes while not changing the color of other decorative surfaces, we generally advise utilizing warm white light that is about 3500K in temperature. (Above at 4000K, the light is neutral; at 6000K, it is bright white.) The restaurant may employ 3000K lighting, which can enhance the luster and appetizingness of the dish.

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