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After a hard day, who doesn't enjoy unwinding in front of the TV? Floating TV Units serves as the centrepiece of the living room, so you should take special care in choosing the stand you use to display it. After all, here is where you will assemble your friends and family, so make sure it looks its best!

We done the research for you since we know that you would rather be catching up on your Netflix queue than looking through hundreds of Floating TV Units alternatives. The This Old House Reviews Team looked into the top five Floating TV Units available on Amazon to compile this review and help you pick the perfect item for your needs and your house. The items mentioned in this article can be purchased from a variety of home improvement stores, neighbourhood home centres, and internet merchants like Amazon.

If you're seeking for a beautiful piece of furniture that can store your belongings and raise your Floating TV Units for a better viewing angle. In order to assist you in making an informed choice, we analysed the top TV Floating TV Units available.


To fit the design of any space, Floating TV Units are available in a range of sizes. The length, breadth, and height of a Floating TV Units are referred to as the stand's dimensions. To accommodate a range of TV sizes and accessories, most Floating TV Units are longer than 50 inches and wider than 15 inches.

While a stand's storage capacity is influenced by all of its dimensions, the height plays a crucial role in defining your TV's viewing angle. To assist you elevate your TV to eye level, some models, like the Twin Star Pamari Wrangler Sliding Barn Door Floating TV Units, are over 30 inches tall.

TV Size

Purchase Floating TV Units that is a few inches wider than your TV in order to guarantee that it sits securely on the stand. Only if you already own a TV is it possible to measure the width of your TV since it is measured diagonally from one corner to the other. If you don't yet own a TV, you can typically find a broad sense of size by reading the manufacturer's specifications or user reviews.

Cable boxes, game consoles, and streaming devices may all be supported by storage TVs. TV stands generally come with shelves, drawers, and other storage areas to hold these variously sized accessories. The Walker Edison Simple Farmhouse Floating TV Units, as an illustration, features four sizable shelves that can each support up to 250 pounds. Some designs, like the Ameriwood Home Carson TV Stand, include separate cupboards where you may store your devices.


Particleboard or medium-density fiberboard are typically used in the construction of TV stands, such the Ameriwood Home Carson Floating TV Units. These durable materials look like classic wood but are more reasonably priced.

Questions and Answers

Is it OK for Floating TV Units to be larger than my TV?

Yes. To fit the TV's base, your TV stand should be a few inches broader than your television. If the stand is substantially broader than the base of your TV, you may centre your TV on it and utilise the extra room on the sides for decorations or accessories.

What is the ideal viewing height for my TV?

Your height and viewing preferences, among other things, will determine the ideal TV viewing height for you. To avoid neck strain, a TV on a Floating TV Units should typically be positioned at eye level.

Is installing my TV on the wall preferable to putting it on a stand?

It takes less time, work, and skill to put your TV on a Floating TV Units than to mount it to a wall. A wall-mounted TV, however, may be a terrific space-saving choice if you have a little amount of floor space and don't mind the added work.



Here is our advice for selecting a Floating TV Units that will exactly match your TV!

  1. Size

It goes without saying that you want your TV stand to make it comfortable for you to watch television. This will be significantly influenced by the stand's size.

The size of your TV is yet another crucial measurement. Yes, it may seem apparent, but did you know that when purchasing a Floating TV Units, you are supposed to add 20% to the width of your TV? This is crucial to avoid overhang, which is both unsightly and dangerous.


Even though the majority of TVs have a sturdy foundation, they might nevertheless fall over if the Floating TV Units width is too narrow. Our Camborne TV unit, which is a massive 150 cm wide and ideal for a widescreen TV, is the best option if you're searching for a big TV stand. There is nothing better than this incredible entertainment system for gamers and TV fans alike!

  1. Shape

Have a strange or tiny room? We have the TV stand for you, so don't worry!

The unsung star of the furniture industry is the Wexford corner Floating TV Units! It serves as the living room's framework by easily fitting into a corner of the space. holding the TV in an ideal position while using relatively little space. This oak corner TV stand is now on sale! Therefore, don't hesitate to take advantage of a deal that will give your room a stylish convenience.

  1. Style

Like other types of furniture, there are several different styles that may be chosen from according to one's preferences and tastes.

A display with a sleek and modern style, like the Toulouse Floating TV Units, is advised if you want to make sure your living area is fashionable and on trend. With its ebonized black wood for a cool yet elegant design, this modern TV stand is a certain way to add life to any room. It is advisable to maintain the rest of the furniture in the room in a similar style if choosing a statement stand.

  1. Keeping

Nobody wants the mess of clutter to keep them from watching TV! You'll need serenity in your living space to unwind, which a TV stand with storage will greatly contribute to.

The Tuscany TV Floating TV Units might be the solution to your home remodelling ambitions, whether you are a self-described clean freak, a gadget addict, or just someone who has a high desire for storage. This remarkable unit features a tonne of storage space, both in the shelf area and the front-facing cabinets! Ideal for concealing ugly DVDs, gaming gear, and other typical mess-makers!

  1. Material When looking for the perfect Floating TV Units, you should take the material into account. A TV stand must be both utilitarian and visually beautiful in addition to being strong and stable.

Due to its stable, moderate weight—ideal for when kids and pets are roaming around—we propose our Woburn oak TV stand! Not only does a wooden Westbury TV stand have a classic appearance, but it also provides you the much-needed assurance that your TV will be secure on it. There is no denying that wooden Floating TV Units are a great choice!

A house feels incomplete without wooden furniture. Wood is strong, beautiful, and has a timeless appeal. Bring home the greatest solid wood TV stand to complete your collection of beautiful wooden furniture.

A well-made stand will always catch the eye and unify the entire area, regardless of whether you have a large flat-screen television with a home theatre system or something more modest. We provide a selection of wooden Floating TV Units so you can find one that fits the style and concept of your room. Continue to scroll and select your favourite.

The Ameriwood Solid Wood Floating TV Units can enhance your entertainment area with its attractive appearance. It has a distinctive appearance because to the two-tone cherry and black finish and the silver metal elements. It features a place for a home theatre system and is made to fit flat-screen TVs up to 70 inches wide. Accessories, devices, and other objects can be kept in the side cabinets. This TV stand has a one-year guarantee and has to be put together. You may dust it off and clean it with a dry towel.

With this reclaimed barn wood TV Floating TV Units, you can give your living area a charmingly rustic appearance. It offers a flexible design and more space for electronics and décor thanks to the two barndoor-style cabinet fronts. You can set up a home theatre and store your equipment with ease thanks to the adjustable shelf and cable management. The media console is made of premium MDF, which increases its durability over time. On this, a TV as tiny as 64 inches may fit.

The Vasagle Retro Floating TV Units comes in second on the list of the top solid wood TV stands. It has a cute, retro-inspired style that blends well with contemporary furnishings. The stand can support TVs with screens as large as 43 inches. There is plenty of space to store cable boxes and other accessories thanks to the two storage units and the sizable tables. For more storage, there is a handy push-to-open cabinet door. For further security, the canted legs are supported by screws and wooden pegs and fashioned of strong rubberwood. Leg bottom pads are also available to stop floor scuffs.

One of the greatest solid wood Floating TV Units is the Simpli Home Stand, which is handmade from the best pine wood available. It is painted white and covered with a protective layer of NC lacquer. For improved space management, there are two bottom drawers, two side storage cabinets, and two movable shelves. This multifunctional cabinet may be used as a buffet sideboard or as storage space. The living room, dining room, and bedroom are all perfect places for it.

With this contemporary Floating TV Units made of solid wood, your home's decor will seem more vibrant. Its sturdy and simple to maintain construction is made of solid wood and birch veneer. The centre shelf has plenty of room for the cable box and gaming systems. You may store all of your electronics and memorabilia in its two-door cabinet for easy access. Smooth knobs on the cabinet doors give it an exquisite appearance. For a smooth cable arrangement, there are two cable management holes. It can support a maximum load of 100 lbs.

This Floating TV Units has a classy appearance thanks to its pinewood construction. It features an NC lacquer protective coating over a Russet Brown stained and glazed finish. It enhances the appearance of this solid wooden Floating TV Units in addition to increasing its durability. It works with TVs up to 80 inches in size and looks excellent in either your living room or bedroom. There are two drawers, two doors with tempered glass frames, two side storage cabinets, a shelf that is movable, and an open space in the middle.

The Leick Black Floating TV Units has a black cushioned hand finish and is constructed of solid hardwood and wood veneers. It can fit TVs up to 60 inches in size. Your electronics may be stored on the movable shelf in the middle, while devices and gaming consoles are best stored on the storage shelf. It comes with a straightforward foldable assembly and includes a perforated back for easier cable management.

This solid wood TV stand by Hodedah might be the ideal finishing touch for the design of your living room. It can hold a screen up to 60 inches wide and has a style reminiscent of the 1960s. For storing electronics and other goods, there are two cupboards and one open shelf. The stand has hardwood splayed legs in a classic design that increase its longevity.

Your living room will feel more modern thanks to the Phoenix Solid Wood TV Stand made of birch wood. It features an NC lacquer finish for enhanced protection and is made of MDF veneer. There is plenty of storage space, with two adjustable middle shelves, two cabinets with doors, and a top shelf that is completely open. The cabinet doesn't seem unkempt with cables thanks to the cord management slots. TVs no larger than 60 inches can fit in it.

The Fitueyes Wood Floating TV Units can hold flat-screen TVs as well as curved televisions up to 70 inches. This piece of furniture features outstanding swivel, height adjustment capabilities, and exceptional craftsmanship, enabling viewing of the TV from any location in the room. A board for a TV stand, storage racks, and a cable management system are all present.

The centre and side wooden shelves may be moved and adjusted. They accommodate cable TV boxes, DVD players, HR recorders, multimedia equipment, etc. and offer additional storage space. Due to the handbook and included hardware and tools, installation is simple.

The elegant two-tone Floating TV Units is made of high-quality wood and will look great in the living room. For storing media players, game consoles, cable boxes, sound systems, movie collections, etc., it features two open shelves. It is strong and long-lasting since it is made of solid American Cherry hardwood. It can comfortably hold a TV that is up to 62 inches in size. Due to the fact that it includes all essential components, installation is quick and uncomplicated.

Wooden TV stand types

The many Floating TV Units models that can be bought on the market are listed below. You may select them based on the style and function of your home.

  1. Entertainment unit: Because it includes a sound system, multimedia storage device, and digital players, it is ideally suited for gamers and movie buffs. They occupy the full wall and are bigger than ordinary Floating TV Units. With cupboards and drawers underneath it, the TV is in the middle of the room.
  2. Console: It has low-line, elongated components and a modern appearance. They feature shelves and enough storage space on top, as well as legs.
  3. TV armoire: You may choose this style if you don't want to compromise the elegance of your house. It features a classic style and provides great electrical device storage.
  4. Floating stands: In this example, the TVs are placed on the wall and have open shelves made of flimsy materials.
  5. Corner stand: The corner design stands are appropriate for small living spaces and fit nicely into any corner of the room.

How Should I Select Floating TV Units?

Here are some characteristics to think about when purchasing a solid Floating TV Units.

  • Size: Take into account the room's dimensions and the available space for the TV installation. A measuring tape will be useful for this. Be aware of any entrances or beams that may restrict the space. After measuring the space, compare it to the specifications of the Floating TV Units you want, and make your purchase as a result.
  • Size: Your TV stand should always be broader than it is tall. The broader stands are more aesthetically pleasant and contain side shelves for storage.
  • Design: You might require some storage space for tools and other essential stuff. However, since it might make the unit big and disorganised, storage shouldn't be your top priority. Choose Floating TV Units with straightforward shelves and improved cable management. If dust is an issue, you might use stands with closed cabinets.

Your living space may become more elegant and sophisticated with the addition of a solid wood TV stand. It guarantees good protection for your TV and a beautiful appearance. Be sure to consider the available space when selecting a wooden Floating TV Units, as well as other elements like the number of shelves, kind, size, effective cable management, and more. Check the installation procedure as well to ensure ease of usage. The wooden finish of these TV stands is strong, attractive, and helps unify the design of your room.

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