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We all enjoy lounging in front of the telly on a rainy, dull day. To have enough space for our flat screen and blue-ray player plus storage to keep them safe when not using it, we pay close attention to what entertainment TV wall unit we choose for our living room and eventually buy one.

A simple unit will give you plenty of space but if you are planning a home entertainment system including cinema then consider either sideboards or even an entertainment centre!

On rainy, dull days we love to lounge on the couch and watch TV. For our TVs in living rooms, we pay close attention to what type of stand it has and buy accordingly because they provide a flat screen space for storage plus room for DVDs or blue-rays. If you want an entertainment TV wall unit like home cinema systems then opt for media cabinets that have sideboards or even entertainment centres. 

These are much larger and offer a lot more space to get your media playhouse set up – including your gaming console(s). Their storage comes with built in shelves and drawers, perfect for keeping those old movie classics nicely stored away.

Get your media playhouse set up with these large entertainment cabinets. They offer the space to store and display everything you need for a great movie night, including all of those old movies – complete with built in shelves and drawers!

A TV cabinet or stand is another option for a more aesthetically pleasing media centre. You can store your equipment and add-ons while the screen attaches to the wall directly on top of it. We have several brackets that you could use with this setup, including some used specifically in combination with tabletop TVs. By using one of these options, you also get an extra surface to decorate around your TV at home—the top of a television stand works perfectly as decoration space too!

If you want your TV screen mounted directly to the wall, then one option is a TV cabinet or stand where you can store additional equipment while also using it as an area for display. We have several options of brackets used in this setup available! You could even use the top of your TV stand or table to decorate with photo frames and memorabilia from cinema and television shows.

There is also the option of a entertainment TV wall unit where you can store your media and additional equipment while you fix your TV screen directly to the wall. We have several options for this setup available, including brackets that attach to either top of these cabinets/stands. You could even use part of it as an area in which to decorate with photo frames, vases, etc., using some fancy items if desired (TV memorabilia).


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