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Size up your TV


The width of your TV should be measured first. Your floating tv stands will probably provide the optimal television width dimension.


Establish eye level


This will require teamwork, so find a friend and put them down on any available furniture in your home.You'll get the perfect height from this for your upcoming television stand.


You want the ideal TV stand if you have the ideal television. Which is longer, the floating tv stands width or length? This question is posed frequently. So, we did a lot of study on how to calculate the perfect dimensions for a TV stand.


Yes, experts advise having a floating tv stands that is at least 3 to 6 inches wider or longer than your television. This size takes into account how your TV will be mounted and how it will rest on top of the entertainment center.


You may be wondering how to take accurate measurements for a TV stand. Why do I want my TV to be wider than the television stand? So, as we address these inquiries and more, take a seat back, unwind, and enjoy the show!


Why Should My TV Be Longer Than A TV Stand?


Simply said, there are two reasons why your TV stand should be broader than your TV. You want to take a fashionable and secure stance.




Your room will look its finest when your TV is smaller than your floating tv stands from an aesthetic standpoint. This arrangement is balanced and appealing to the eye.


Who wants that, right? Therefore, if your television console is bigger than your TV, it could make your TV appear smaller than it actually is.




Priority one is safety! You don't want your TV to readily tumble over if it is bumped into or to topple over onto little children. By purchasing the proper-sized console, you can be safe in the knowledge that your TV will be stable.


How Should a Floating TV Stands Be Measured?


It may appear simple to measure a TV because the size is typically marked on the box. To find the proper-sized TV stand, most individuals don't know how to measure a TV properly.


Let's go through some pointers for taking measurements correctly for your next TV stand.


What width ought a floating tv stands to have?


TVs are often measured diagonally, but TV stands are typically measured horizontally. Additionally, the manufacturer's specs do not take into account the screen's frame.


In light of this, start by running the measuring tape from the bottom left corner to the top right of the TV. Be sure to account for the TV frame when taking your measurements. When looking for a TV stand, keep that number in mind to write down!


Additionally, your TV stand should be 3 to 6 inches to at least as broad as your TV.


For instance, match a 50-inch TV with a TV stand that is between 53 and 56 inches long. This makes room for certain decorations and enables the TV's proper placement.


Of course, you are always free to exceed the suggested range of 3 to 6 inches.


How tall should a floating tv stands be?


In relation to the size of your TV, we have determined the recommended width of your TV stand. What about height, though?


You shouldn't have your neck cocked either too high or too low. We'll go over how to measure for the height of your next floating tv stands down below.


First, ask a friend or member of your family to take a seat on your couch and measure how far their eyes are from the ground. Next, double the height of your TV by two after measuring it. Your TV's center will be this number.


The floor number is then obtained by deducting that amount from the previously measured eyeballs. The perfect height for your future TV console is at this level.


What depth ought a floating tv stands to have?


The size of your television determines how deep your TV stand should be. For instance, a TV stand with a depth of 15 to 18 inches would be appropriate for a 43-inch TV. Your TV stand depth should be at least 20 inches for a 60-inch TV.


These dimensions guarantee that your TV won't protrude and that it can support your DVD player, PlayStation, and all of your wires.


Where Can I Purchase A Floating TV Stands?


A TV stand may be found almost anyplace! Any furniture store, as well as big box stores like Walmart, Target, Wayfair, Home Depot, Lowes, and even Amazon, carry stands.


A TV stand may be longer than the TV.


Since it may present a safety risk, this is not advised. The TV stand might get so top-heavy that someone might get hurt if it fell down. Additionally, it will make your room look unbalanced and out of proportion.


How far away from the TV should I sit?


You should generally sit at least 1.5 to 2.5 times your screen's diagonal width away from the computer. This much room makes it easier on the eyes and more fun to view your favorite programs.


For a 40-inch TV, for instance, you should position yourself between 5 and 8.5 feet from the display.


Do I Need to Mount My TV?


Whether you want to mount your TV is a question of preference. Let's go over the benefits and drawbacks of floating tv stands:




  • The optimum viewing angles - By attaching your TV, you can make the most of the adjustable swivel. This is useful if you need to move your TV to the left or right while multitasking.


  • Storage - You won't be constrained when looking for the ideal-sized TV stands. Instead of under the TV, you may place it anyplace in your room. The possibilities for a bigger TV stand with greater storage expand as a result.


  • Decor - By mounting your TV, you'll have more room on the TV stand for accessories and artwork.


  • Safer – Your TV won't be easily knocked over by someone bumping into it. The condition is advantageous to both your TV and your loved ones.




  • More pricey - The majority of TV mounts cost between $100 and $300. By choosing to mount your TV on the console, you might save this money.


  • Hide the cables – The majority of individuals are unsure about what to do with all the wires. However, with a few DIY tricks, you can cover wires with ease.


In general, most users favor using a TV mount. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks.


How Should My Floating TV Stands Be Decorated?


Now that your TV stand is ready to use, it's time to decorate! In this communal room, it's crucial to make sure your place feels cozy and welcoming with the correct décor. So, here are five decorating ideas for your TV stand:


  1. Pick 3 to 4 items; for instance, stack a vase, a book, and a candlestick on a plate. Putting these things in a group improves organization and style. Less is more, as the professionals advise.


  1. Maintaining simplicity and cleanliness is best. Avoid filling your floating tv stands with too many accessories. To prevent looking cluttered, pick your favorite ornaments.


  1. Play with sizes and heights - Using a variety of small, large, tall, and short pieces will add depth and contrast to your room.


  1. Books are a great addition because they can be used for both reading and decorating. They offer your ornaments personality and, if necessary, added height.
  2. Keep the color palette consistent – have a cream floating tv stands? Decorate with ivory or neutral colors. Using only colors from the same color family unifies the space and offers a relaxing impact. Additionally, you don't want to use too many vibrant colors because they could be distracting while watching TV.


It will be crucial to consider all of your alternatives when deciding whether to install a new TV in your room. Some floating tv stands will impress you with their design, while others may let you down with their size. Because of this, you should concentrate on the query, Is it Okay If TV Is Bigger Than Stand?




It is advised to have a TV with a width that is less than the TV stand. This has a more aesthetically pleasing aspect and offers a more balanced appearance. As long as the TV can stay stable on the top surface, it is feasible to choose a TV that is broader than the TV stand.




The key factor is frequently what you desire as a homeowner. Would it be better if the TV were broader than the floating tv stands? Does this change the aesthetic of your living room in any way?




Key elements consist of:




Dimensions of the Room


the TV's size


Where to Put the Floating TV Stands


You must understand that this will be a personal choice that depends on the opinions of the other people in the living room. Simply asking "Is it okay if the TV exceeds the stand? " is an excellent place to start, but it's not the only consideration in the choice.


Assessing the rest of the living room and whether or not the floating tv stands you're considering will work must be your top priority.




Is it acceptable if the television is larger than the stand? will be the topic of this essay.




"keeping in mind whatever factors must be taken into account when making a decision.


Things to Take Into Account When Selecting the Best TV Stand


  1. the TV's size


Is it acceptable if the television is larger than the stand?


"You ought to consider the TV's size.


The weight of the TV itself must be able to be supported by a decent TV stand. This includes any extras or gadgets that will be placed close to the TV.


As you work things out, make sure to keep this in mind at all times.


You will have positive outcomes in the long run if you select the appropriate size. It always comes down to what the TV stand can support, even if the TV protrudes.


  1. Dimensions of the Room


The design of your space will also be a contributing aspect.


The seats are where? Are those seats at a clear viewing angle for the TV?


Check that each of these responses applies to the kind of TV stand you ultimately choose to purchase. It simply won't flow if not!


A excellent TV stand won't be maintained in isolation.


You should instantly take this into account because it will be a part of the environment.


  1. Where to Put the Floating TV Stands


Is it acceptable if the television is larger than the stand?


"You should also consider where the TV stand will be placed in the space.


Does this imply that it will be by itself at the front of the room? Will it be placed in the background?


Your floating tv stands placement is important since it determines which size is ideal for that area of the room.


Large TV stands occasionally don't work since they make it difficult to move around the room. Pay equal attention to this and the question of whether the TV may be placed on top of the stand.


After a hard day, family members frequently congregate in the living room of many homes. Even while it's entertaining to share stories from your day, there will come a point when you and your family just want to unwind and enjoy your favorite TV show, therefore it's critical to have a TV stand that is strategically situated in your living room.


TV Stand Designs


We take pride in keeping a diverse selection of TV models in stock. The Condor TV Stand is one of our best sellers. Customers adore this stand in large part because it has three storage drawers in addition to two open portions that can accommodate a game console or cable box.


The Statesman TV Console with Power Box is an additional well-liked option. The rectangular shape of this stand still allows you to store DVDs or remote controls in one of the side drawers while still giving you the option to place your cable box inside the unit. The dark hardwood finish complements almost any type of color combination well.


Your television and other media equipment will fit snugly inside the Avon Media Chest. You have the choice of using the long and wide open area in this stand for various media layout-related devices. A set of lengthy drawers that can be used for any purpose are included with this sophisticated gray stand.


Selecting a Floating TV Stands


Choose a living room stand that complements the room's current aesthetic aspects as a general rule when making your selection. For instance, if your furniture is darker in color, you shouldn't get a TV stand for your living room that is lighter in color so that it blends in with the rest of your color scheme.


Whether or not you intend to utilize the stand as storage should be another crucial factor. Although many TV stands come with a spot for your cable box, you may also utilize a TV stand to store crucial documents, books, and DVDs scattered across your living room.


Finally, you should choose your TV stand based on the height you desire. Your TV stand should ideally be at or slightly below the level of your field of view. This height will make it possible for you and your family to watch television in the utmost comfort.


The best location for a floating tv stands in a living room


You should think about how your living room is laid out before deciding where to put your floating tv stands. Is there a special spot in your home where your family members prefer to sit? Perhaps you're attempting to occupy a vacant area of the room. Having a discussion with your family to seek their opinion on the ideal position is a great idea.



Many inquiries about where to position a floating TV stands are directed to our team. Some of the most typical are listed below:



Is it acceptable if the TV exceeds the size of the TV stand?


You should choose to buy a TV stand that is at least a few inches wider than your TV if not a little wider to make sure that the media setup in your room doesn't look weird. A TV stand of this size should be purchased in order to ensure that the TV can be supported by it.




What length is ideal for a TV stand?


The size of your TV will determine how long your TV stand should be. For instance, you should look for a TV stand that is longer than your television. In addition to enhancing the room's appearance, its size will make it simpler for you to center your TV.




What is a floating TV stands typical height?


A TV stand typically stands at 42 inches in height. When you're seated on a sofa or couch, this height gives you the best chance to watch the television at a comfortable height.




Visit Home Zone Furniture to View Our Collection of TV Stands.


We provide a variety of living room stands at Home Zone Furniture that will fit nicely with the space. We sell a great line of living room stands that will meet your specific needs, whether you need one for your house or apartment. We always enjoy the opportunity to talk with you about our furniture options and address any worries you may have.

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