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In today's world, floating TV units are a must-have piece of furniture in any home. Floating TV units currently come in a variety of styles ranging from elegant and traditional to minimalist and serve a purpose more than merely storing your television. It can also be used to store and show other objects such as books, CDs, gaming consoles, and home decor. For a first-time buyer, the sheer range of Floating TV units available on the market can be overwhelming. You should first consider why you require a television unit. Is it to hide those unsightly wires and make sure everything has a place to go? Is it to add some storage and display to your room, or is it to add some storage and display to your room? These questions will assist you in making the best selection possible.

When you acquire a new television, one of your first thoughts may be, "Where should I put this in my house?"

However, we're here to tell you that your first idea should be, "What will I put my new TV on top of in my apartment?"

Floating TV units and cabinets are fantastic for either reducing space in a limited space or adding some trendy design to go with your shiny new gadget.

His guide includes tips on how to choose the right TV stand for your space and style, as well as the various factors to consider while shopping for a TV stand.

How to Choose a Living Room floating TV units

The first step is to determine the size of your TV stand or unit, which requires knowledge of the size of your television and available space.

If you already have a TV, you can ascertain its measurements by measuring the distance between opposite corners. Typically, TVs have feet beneath them that are built to handle their weight effectively, and these are the features to look for when purchasing a floating TV unit.

Your TV will not fit if the distance between these feet is equal to or more than the length of your unit.

 A quick side note: if you don't have a measuring tape or ruler, you can look up the make online and get details on the manufacturer's website if you don't have one.

If you haven't yet purchased a television for your room, you can choose one depending on the measurements you take of the space or the wall on which it will be put. Consider your room's height and where you want your TV to be when you're sitting on your sofa.

The standard approach for determining the height of floating TV units is to measure the distance from the ground to eye level, then deduct half of the intended television's height. So, if your eye level is low, you might want to avoid the massive movie screen, which, if positioned at eye level, would touch the floor!

Another crucial part of room measurement is TV viewing distance, which should be double the size of your screen. A 54-inch TV, for example, requires a minimum distance of 108 inches between the TV and the viewing area to be both safe and pleasurable.

Sizes of floating TV units

When it comes to floating TV units, there are a range of sizes available, ranging from large stands that are often 76" and 85", medium stands that are 64" and 70", and smaller TV stands that are typically 42", 54", and 60".

Large floating TV units, such as our Capri Oak Effect Large TV, are ideal for living rooms since they typically include plenty of built-in storage for DVDs, gadgets, and consoles, as well as shelf for displaying decorations and ornaments. Because of the cupboards and shelving, they are also more likely to have more covers, allowing you to easily hide wires and connections.

Medium floating TV units, such as our Dalton TV Unit, are great for smaller spaces such as living rooms and bedrooms because they provide just the proper amount of storage and surface area for keeping consoles and tiny speakers.

Compact floating TV units, such as our White & Oak Effect Small TV Unit, are appropriate for really small places, such as single bedrooms, and make excellent TV stands for kids' rooms. They help to reduce the amount of floor space required while also being more cost-effective.

How to Choose a Space-Efficient floating TV units

There are a few different possibilities when it comes to choosing a TV set for a tiny room. Larger units may not appear to be the best option for tiny spaces, but if you choose a room divider TV stand with plenty of storage and shelving, they can actually assist break up a room.

Small floating TV units, of course, are perfect for saving space due to their smaller footprint. They tend to make good use of storage, and their form is tailored to fit into small areas, corners, and televisions that are normally smaller.

However, if you don't want to compromise on the size of your TV since your room is limited, a central TV stand is an option.

Central TV stands are built to withstand a great deal of weight. Some alternatives even include changeable height, such as the Small Height Adjustable TV Stand, which has a 35kg weight capacity and easy-adjust height settings and is appropriate for TVs ranging in size from 13 to 37".

You might, however, wish to go bigger! Our 27-55 Inch Table Top TV Stand and Bracket fits easily on a small nightstand or dresser in a bedroom and can support the weight of a much larger television.

When choosing floating TV units with soundbar space, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Nowadays, selecting a television also entails selecting a sound system to accompany the television, allowing you to enjoy a fully immersive surround sound experience. Soundbars, which come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, are a terrific alternative to trailing wires around your area.

If you're thinking about acquiring a soundbar to connect to your TV, you need think about where you'll put it.

You'll need some kind of storage space with your floating TV units or cabinet to keep the soundbar nicely presented. This can take the form of a built-in shelf, as with the Riley Rattan TV Unit, or the wide top surface of a larger unit with shelves, as with the Oslo Grey TV Unit.

You may acquire creative floating shelves to place under your mounted television to ensure your soundbar is raised enough to convey the sound throughout the room if you live in a small space or have chosen to wall mount your TV.

When it comes to small living room floating TV units ideas, we hope our size guide has assisted you in finding the ideal space-saving unit.

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