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Want to update your house with the coolest wall mounted TV units for the living room? It might be difficult to blend that large, black screen, which we so frequently depend on to watch the newest TV episodes, into your living area without making it appear tacked on. especially if you've gone all out and invested in a 65-inch or larger.

Because of this, we've included some of our favourite suggestions for integrating your wall mounted TV units into a contemporary living room design. To ensure that your wall mounted TV units enhances rather than detracts from the decor. Additionally, we've included professional design advice on how to make your TV appear beautiful in your living room.

Even if you choose one of the top 85-inch TV screens, placing the wall mounted TV units in the ideal location will add harmony to your décor plan and make it more fun to watch the upcoming season of Selling Sunset.

There is no getting around the fact that wall mounted TV units are a necessary component of life, unless you choose to forgo owning one and spend every evening playing chess like the characters in The Seventh Seal. Therefore, even if your living room is relatively modest, there's no use in avoiding a huge screen when it comes to selecting a TV for your space.

It's critical to evaluate a TV's height in relation to the area from which you will be viewing it before placing one. Your seating position may have an impact, but generally speaking, your eyes should fall between one-third and halfway down the wall mounted TV units.

Designer Jenny Allan of Jenny Allan Design advises that the size of the TV in relation to its location should be carefully considered.

An interior designer can sketch out the dimensions on paper to make sure the suggested TV's proportions fit the room. Making a template in the dimensions and pinning it to the wall can be useful if you aren't working with an interior designer to help you visualise the proportions.

If hiding or hanging your TV on a wall aren't options, embrace its angular shape and find fixtures and fittings that go with it. You can find a variety of wall mounted TV units and media units online that will help you integrate your TV into the design, making it appear as though it was always intended to be a piece of furniture.

Choose wall mounted TV units with "wow factor," advises interior designer Andrew Dunning of London Contemporary, "making the TV a display."

Maintaining a monochromatic colour palette while using intriguing shapes, textures, and finishes results in a striking and welcoming appearance.

Visitors will be less likely to notice a huge blank TV screen staring them in the face when they enter your living room if they are preoccupied with trying to figure out which books have made the cut in your home library.

A black TV can have a strong visual impression, therefore Studio Peake, interior designers, show how bookshelves filled with all your favourite books can add style and soften the image.

A tip is to make sure the backdrop is simple and streamlined because the effect can get fairly cluttered. This is demonstrated here with an off-white bookcase. The books will be presented in an attractive way as a result, and placing the wall mounted TV units in the centre of the arrangement will provide balance.

Sliding doors are useful for hiding and revealing your wall mounted TV units as you like and for hiding all the cables that come with a TV. According to interior designer Andrew Dunning, this style works especially well in homes with little storage where you want to give the impression of more space.

According to Andrew, a skilled joiner can make a custom piece of cabinetry for your living room with a sliding panel to conceal your wall mounted TV units.

You can opt for one with remote door opening and closing, or you can just physically slide the doors. Not only does it neatly conceal your TV and all of the media connections, but it's also a great way to add more storage for other fixtures and fittings that you'd prefer to keep out of sight.

There are several ways to conceal the wall mounted TV units if you prefer not to have it on display when it's not in use, especially in an open-concept living room.

One interesting option to maintain the room seeming like a more attentive environment without having a TV interrupt the décor is a wall-mounted mirror that conceals a TV. For customised mirror TVs, check out Picture Frame.

Another way to conceal your wall mounted TV units is in a motorised pop-up TV cabinet, as is done in this open-plan living space by Future Automation, a business that specialises in TV wall mounts and TV lifts.

According to James Ratcliffe, a home technology expert at Homeplay, "the TV is here on a mechanical lift within a piece of cabinetry and at the touch of a button, it can be raised or buried." Although it also works well in a compact bedroom, positioning a TV inside of a cabinet is a terrific method to maximise space in a living room.

There is a lot to be said for balance when it comes to designing a space that is pleasing to the sight and comfortable to rest in. When creating a space with a TV in particular, it is helpful to balance out the TV's dimensions using shelving, joinery, or artwork.

According to interior designer Jenny Allan, "by doing this, you are generating a sense of harmony in the entire aesthetic." If you place intriguing decorations on the shelves, you may completely change the room and prevent the TV from taking over the design.

A flatscreen TV can be stylishly mounted into a wall or into joinery to create a minimalist atmosphere that is uncluttered and clear. According to interior designer Jenny Allan, "by recessing it helps to make the TV feel less imposing and it creates a smart, sophisticated appeal."

You'll need the proper wall mounted TV units to place your screen into a wall recess. It's advisable to initially seek the assistance of a professional to ensure that you are not placing into an outside or load-bearing wall. To locate a local home technology expert, check out CEDIA, the world association for the industry.

Choosing a deep wall colour that hides the large, black TV is one approach to make your TV blend into the living area.

Dark living room ideas will soften the boxiness of the TV and offer warmth to the space, whether you choose deep Blue Hague matt emulsion by Farrow & Ball or jewel-like Miz Azure by Little Greene.

According to interior designer Andrew Dunning, painting the walls to match the black TV is one of the easiest wall mounted TV units ideas.

"I adore the use of tactile leather sofas, moody blue paint, and rose gold fixtures for the spot and pendant lighting in this space. The use of light wood floorboards throughout maintains a cheerful and upbeat appearance despite the dark walls.


Consider installing a wall mounted TV units in your living room if you're searching for a wonderful method to upgrade the area. This may be a wonderful addition to any house and significantly alter the general appearance and ambiance of your space.

There are many different modern TV wall design alternatives available. You might choose a sleek, straightforward style or something much more ornate and striking. In either case, there are a few things you should remember.

Consider the size of your flat-screen television first. Make sure the style you select can accommodate the size of your television. Next, think about the additional furnishings and decorations in your room. Make sure the tv wall design you select blends in with the style and decor of the room as a whole.

Finally, consider your spending plan. The cost of tv wall ideas can vary greatly, so be sure to decide on a budget before you go shopping. You can make a TV wall that is both fashionable and useful with a little forethought and imagination.

Many contemporary homes would benefit greatly from a sleek and uncluttered TV wall design. The room above demonstrates how to create the ideal modern design television and entertainment space by simply adding a modern, sleek glossy wall mounted TV units and storage wall cabinets.

The only adjustment I would make is to get a bigger wide-screen television and put it in the middle of the wall, between the cabinets.

A straightforward, uncluttered design can help a tiny area look larger and eventually save space. Additionally, it's quite simple to keep tidy and clean.

Consider an eye-catching, contemporary style creative tv wall design if you want your TV wall to stand out. Online and at home improvement stores, there are many wonderful ideas to choose from. Just make sure to measure your space before making any purchases to ensure that everything will fit.

The cost of wall mounted TV units can vary greatly, so be sure to establish a budget before looking for ideas or purchasing supplies. Whatever your budget, you may choose from a tonne of excellent options. A masterpiece need not be expensive to produce!

The ability of TV walls to give any space personality is one of their best qualities. For instance, if you want your living room to feel more calm, think about adding wall mounted TV units or wall and decorating it with pictures of your family or your favourite pieces of art.

Make sure the tv wall design you select blends nicely with the decor of the room as a whole. A sleek, glossy TV wall design might be an excellent option if you have a lot of modern furniture. Consider a more ornate style if your furnishings and décor are more classic.

The combination of matte white storage units, open illuminated display shelves, and a feature wall panel with a wood look that matches the flooring results in a gorgeous wall mounted TV units design that, despite being relatively understated, is a fashionable piece of art!

When it comes to wall mounted TV units, there are no limits, so use your imagination to pick a style you like. If you're feeling bold, you could even make your own TV wall. We suggest watching Craig Phillips' instructional video on "how to build a media wall."

Although it may initially look very intimidating, once you realise how the fundamental framework is put together, you can then add your own unique flair and originality to the mix!

Consider hiring a professional to assist you in designing and installing your TV wall if you are unsure where to begin or don't think you can handle it alone. They can assist you in selecting the ideal materials, ensuring that it is constructed correctly and is long-lasting.

Since it has always existed, minimalism is a preferred style among interior designers. There are no immediate signals that it will disappear.

This contemporary living room's massive wall space has been effectively utilised as a TV feature wall, housing not only the wall-mounted television but also the surrounding shelves to one side and the enormous storage cabinets above and to the right.

The interior design of this living room is a brilliant method to combine current design with a useful built-in storage area as far as wall mounted TV units and wooden panelling ideas go.

This is the best way to hide ugly clutter and allows you to focus on displaying a small number of beautiful items, such as plants, pictures, and artwork. Best of modern minimalism.

What wall mounted TV units size is typical for a living room?

According to Kevin Walmsley, a TV expert at (opens in new tab), "Ideally you need to start by measuring the space between your TV and sofa to get the proportions right." He advises that: • For 30 to 49 inch TVs, it's recommended to leave 3-5ft distance; • For 50 inch TVs and above, a minimum of 6ft is best.

Kevin explains, "This will assist prevent eyestrain but provide you the finest sight of the screen." It's preferable to minimise the size of your TV if a larger screen would block natural light from windows or if the image would catch the sun.

What TV size should I purchase?

When it comes to TVs, larger is frequently better for watching. However, if room is limited, this might not always be an option.

According to Kevin, "We have discovered that our clients are moving toward bigger screens, with 65", 70", 75," and even up to 85" screens now becoming the new norm."

As a result, the popularity of wall mounted TV units and home theatre systems has increased. "We're also seeing that individuals are increasingly prepared to invest in better technology to mimic a cinema-like experience at home," says the researcher.

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