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One of the nicest things of our floating TV Units collection is the large choice of sizes that we have available. This guarantees that not only will you be able to select a unit large enough for your brand-new 50" 4K TV, but also one that will fit your home's decor.

You can choose from a traditional array of individually shaped tv units. This can be the conventional rectangle design or a trendy corner shape for that space saving finish.

Our simple yet effective rectangle design may be used to match sofas and coffee tables, and acts best against a flat wall or even stretched across a corner. These floating TV units can be employed in living rooms or bedrooms that are already rectangle-shaped since they add richness and elegance to the space.

Each of our corner units is made to fit into a tiny space or area, maximizing the layout and decor of your room. This is especially helpful for smaller living rooms and even bedrooms because you can utilize the empty corner space there instead of picking a compact unit for space considerations.

When you take into account the volume of media storage present in every one of our media units, regardless of shape, this level of flexibility is increased. Each one of them includes plenty of storage space as well as at least one TV surface area.

To fit your floating TV Units, regardless of how big your TV set is—small, medium, large, or even extra-large—all of our furniture ranges provide various sizes tv units.
We at Trade Furniture strive to set an exemplary example and as a result, we aim to offer a healthy lifestyle option that doesn't minimize the traditional qualities that we have grown to appreciate in solid wood furniture.
By doing this, we can ensure that the wood and material choices used to make your television are morally and environmentally responsible. For instance, all of the furniture in our collection, including Vintage Mango, Vintage, Dakota, and Mango Furniture, is made from the famed Mango Wood.

Mango Wood comes from the mango tree, which produces the sweet fruit that is so well-liked in the UK. These trees become barren and worthless after 15 years because they stop producing fruit, which makes them useless until humans arrive. We have established a sustainable cycle where no trees or wood go to waste because they mature in just 15 years.

In order to promote a healthy furniture option for you to enjoy, the ranges described below are expertly created and exude a superior quality.
Sheesham Wood, a stunning well-made material that is once again sustainable and modern, is also used in Jali, Sheesham, Cube, and Cuba Furniture.
Along with its many other benefits, sheesham wood is noted for preserving its strength and making wonderful constructions for items like TV shelves.
Some of our goods are constructed with cast iron detailing which is a basic yet effective material for a dramatic contrast.

How to look after your floating TV Units
TV units are the focal point of any fantastic living room design, so it's important to take good care of and treat your TV unit with respect.
1. The first thing to remember is to regularly perform light cleaning. A linen cloth or duster can be used for this. You can get rid of the top layer of accumulated bacteria by lightly brushing in one direction or making little circles. It is not advisable to polish or use strong chemicals on these units.
2. Secondly, we provide a variety of colored wooden pens that are especially made to touch up any colorless sections of your TV unit if it appears to be scratched or damaged. Since these pens are long lasting, you may always conceal little portions of your media shelf.
3. We offer well-made furniture in either a bright or dark color if the overall color of the wood has faded or lightened, which it shouldn't do. The ideal way to apply this is using a wax brush or a light, clean cloth, making sure the fabric is free of stray fibers. Make sure the unit is properly cleaned (see step 1) and free of any debris. For a more organic polished effect, use the wax in small circular motions while attempting to follow the wood grain. After completing this thin coat, depart for a period of time ranging from one hour to the following day (it is best to leave overnight). The last step is to lightly buff it in small circles using a fresh cloth. You can keep doing this until the desired level of darkness or lightness is reached.
You can also make some improvements in other areas to prevent problems like the ones mentioned above. For instance, it is advisable to use televisions that are designed for your space. The surface area and general flexibility of the frame can be harmed over time by using floating TV units that are too big for the unit. The same goes for keeping necessities for the house. It is advisable not to expose this unit to direct sunlight for an extended period of time, as this can bleach the outside and cause the color to fade, much like the rest of our genuine oak furniture (although if this does occur, step 3 is the best way to amend this)

We take great delight in being able to provide you and your family high-quality furniture upgrades here at Trade Furniture. However, having a beautiful exterior and design is equally important to us, which is why we provide a wide range of collections.

Floating TV Units have become one of the pillars of modern living room furniture design. The TV shelf, like the coffee table, is a constant fixture in any home and perfectly sums up the modern family living room.

For a more conventional look, we can provide you with TV and media sets from collections like our Mango or Dakota Furniture. Both of these series include sturdy, thick hardwood frames as an added assurance of durability.
Additionally, two of our other lines feature furniture with an Indian flair called Jali and Sheesham. Cast iron accents and a modern, shiny appearance go well with these TV unit upgrades.
Cuba or Cube are additional options. Traditional Cube Furniture has lovely solid wood frames and stylish metal handles. Cuba is exactly the same, except for that final, unique twist, these units have charming wooden handles.
From our more compact but very stylish collections, Trade Furniture also offers floating TV Units. These collections provide both contemporary, revolutionized styles and designs that are inspired by the 1960s and 1970s. To name a few, this can include Vintage, Vintage Mango, and Industrial. Due to all of this, we can assure you that you will find a high-quality TV shelf to enhance the appearance of your living room.
We hope that after reading our buyer's guide, you are more aware of the wonderful features of our TV units and, as a result, have a clearer notion of how to redesign your living room.
The number of floating TV Units, which come in various designs, sizes, and functionalities, is equal to the number of televisions. You'll need to decide at some point what you're going to put that brand-new, pricey television on, and a basic milk carton won't do. Don't undervalue the significance of a well- or poorly-chosen TV stand; a good one is sometimes neglected. The ideal one will give your television the best possible support and security while also enhancing the look of your leisure space.
The console design combines practical shelves and lots of surface area into a compact piece of furniture with a single, holistic shape. The majority of versions feature a rectangular shape and closed shelves. Going with a bench-style unit is advised if you desire a minimalist design. By concealing your entertainment equipment, like DVD players and gaming consoles, inside closed doors, it lessens clutter.
It is advised for customers who like drawers over cabinets or open shelves as well as those who want to maintain their floating TV units on top of the TV unit rather than mounting it on the wall. It offers a considerable quantity of storage space and a comfortable viewing height. Some of them have glass shutters that can serve as both display cabinets and shutters.
With its distinctively large presence, artistic display of the television, and rich, intricate design, the floating TV Units can leave a lasting impact. These units are larger than regular TV sets and frequently have extra shelves or closed cabinetry to store items like books, artwork, and other items. Integrated bookcases, drawers, cabinets, and even under-cabinet lighting are common features of entertainment wall units.
Traditional furniture is made of sturdy, long-lasting material with warm, rich colors and rich surface tones. Solid wood or engineered wood TV stands are both options. Lumber wood is another name for solid wood. directly harvested from trees like teak, oak, sheesham, etc. for milling.
Composite wood is another name for engineered wood. is created by compressing layers of wood with glue under intense heat and pressure.
The most relaxing addition to your home is a television. Televisions have evolved into the focal core of every home in this period, where everyone obsesses over media-infested technology, and owning one has become a must. However, leaving a TV leaning against a wall does not make it appealing; you need to perch it on something or hang it. Floating TV Units can be useful in this situation.
We barely purchase TV Units because we don't buy TVs frequently. Finding the ideal TV Unit becomes challenging when the requirement arises due to the variety of possibilities. This TV unit buying advice from Wooden Street will assist you in selecting the ideal mate for your floating TV units.
TV and TV Unit purchases don't happen very often. However, when a need occurs, the possibilities are readily confusing to us. This TV Unit buying guide will assist you in choosing the best TV companion from among the many TV units that Wooden Street has to offer.
To picture how your TV will stand in the designated location, take into account the size of the TV. To provide the TV cabinet a solid foundation, its whole width should be more than the TV's overall width.
Area Size
Measure the space and take appropriate action. A large entertainment unit begs to be placed in a large room, whereas a smaller one fits comfortably in a smaller space. And make sure to leave some open space.
Designs\sYour personality determines this field. Choose from floating TV Units that have towers for storage, or are tiny and consume less space, yet come with drawers. Even wall mounts are an option. Make sure that the aesthetics coincide with your interiors too.
Go for finishes that mix your floating TV Units with its surrounds to guarantee everything is smooth given the varying tones of your walls. Even accents can be used to create a distinctive combination.
Extra Features
You can choose between basic features like shelves, glass doors, and drawers and more sophisticated options like adjustable shelves, casters for easy movement, set-top box cavities, and media library sections.
A TV unit can improve the aesthetics of the room it is in and your floating TV units. Although frequently disregarded, this piece of furniture shouldn't be.
Find the TV unit you need or get it customized through Wooden Street. Call us at any time, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have about TV Units.
To increase your buying power and knowledge, look through additional shopping guides from Wooden Street.
TV is rightfully regarded as the hub of the home because it is a fantastic source of many giggles, sniffles, and emotions. For millennials, floating TV units have changed from being a cabinet box tucked securely into a showcase to a smart, internet-enabled LED. The good news is that TV has evolved to be sleeker, more intelligent, wider, and lighter. Some families now prefer to have a TV in the bedroom.
Mostly because of its size, the modern TV does not fit within the conventional old-world setup. The only choices left are to mount it on a wall or set it up on a TV stand. A wall-mounted TV is a popular option because it frees up a lot of space on the floor and is seen to be relatively safe when you have children at home. Before installing a TV in your new home, it's important to understand a few technicalities. If you're engaging interior design services, be sure to let them know where you want the floating TV units to be placed so they can allot the necessary room and power source.
Here is a crucial checklist created by our experts that will improve your viewing experience before you choose the TV set.
A comfortable viewing experience is directly tied to where your floating TV units are placed. It might be a good idea to consider the sun when choosing a wall mount. The TV's perspective is hampered by direct sunshine, which can also harm the screen. Make sure you have dark shade drapes to screen away the light if it is situated near a window at all.
If you don't provide enough power outlets where you want to put the TV, you'll have to redo the electrical fixtures after the TV is in position. A skilled interior designer will incorporate power outlet placement that conceals the wires.
After confirming the location, it is time to determine the ideal height at which to install the floating TV units. Ideally, the height of the TV should be kept at an eye level whether viewing from a sofa, bed, or chair. Nine feet distance is a typical, a little closer will enhance the experience. The width of the TV with relation to viewing distance matters a lot when you are seeking for an optimum experience.
Check the height, screen size, and viewing distance of the floating TV Units if you decide against a wall mount. These three elements together have the power to make or break your leisure time. Make sure the plug spots you've designated are close to the TV wiring. If you intend to use it for gaming and other activities, the height and location of the TV should allow for easy access to slots and buttons.
Consider deciding to install the TV on the wall only to discover that the wall is weak or prone to leak damage. Therefore, it is crucial to determine the wall's load-bearing capacity and look for any warning signals that could harm your TV. Such signals are typically taken note of by interior designers.
Your floating TV Units will sit comfortably and without any tilt thanks to well placed drilling points. Drilling is often handled by the TV installation team, so it's best to be aware of the location and distance to prevent any unpleasant surprises.
Furniture is crucial in creating a relaxed environment for watching TV. If you keep the chair too close to the TV, you'll feel like you're in the front row of a movie and are more likely to strain your neck. If you take things too far, you won't enjoy watching TV since it won't be immersive.
To determine the ideal distance, experiment with the positioning of your furniture. Think theater-style arrangement when placing furniture; side views are a strict no-no. It is best to situate furniture across from the TV. Check the distance when lying down if you plan to install the TV in the bedroom; if necessary, choose a larger TV.
It's time to decide what you want to hang on the wall behind the TV now that you've selected the wall and its location. Keep in mind that TVs have wires, and you don't want any of them hanging around as you watch your favorite show. It is not advisable to place large paintings or other decorative items near the TV. It ought to be maintained simple and unadorned. Keep a plant in the corner, away from the floating TV units, if you want to accessorize at all. The same is true for a TV unit; you can store little decorative items there as well as long as they don't interfere with your TV viewing.
Your eyes will be soothed by neutral wall colors, and you won't be distracted from the image. The floating TV Units can also be installed on a wooden unit that is nailed to the wall; this is a clever way to hide the wires and will also soften the area with a natural shade.
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