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When shopping for entertainment TV wall units, it's important to consider the size of your television and home. Too small and you might risk toppling over a large screen in an empty room; too big will make it seem out-of place when surrounded by other furniture from smaller screens.  With our simple guide on finding true dimensions with measurements taken at eye level (a distance between 40 - 50 cm), we can help lead you down blissful path towards that perfect piece!

In order to find out the size of your TV, you need a ruler. If this is something that you already have then great! Otherwise, follow our guide on how measurement works for entertainment TV wall units and take note in particular with diagonally measured devices such as 140 cm (55 inch) screen widths which are actually only around 117-127cm due to frame shrinks from retailers trying make room on their listings or advertising space constraints when fitting more info about other features like connectivity options available at initial purchase point if customer doesn't know what they want yet without having seen any products before purchasing anything online.

You may have seen the advertised measurements for your entertainment TV wall unit and thought that it was an accurate indication of its true size. But, in fact, screens are smaller than what they seem! To find out how big this screen really is you'll need to measure both width AND height- because TVs come with mounting brackets on each side (bars) which can be used as guides when figuring out where precisely everything goes inside a cabinet or case. You might also want information about dimensions online from UK manufacturers who make similar models.

As you can see, a 127 cm (50-inch TV) actually has a width of 101.9 inches and height that varies depending on the manufacturer but generally ranges between 60 to 80 centimetres with depth measured in centimetres as well for corners which will be important when finding out what type of stand is right for your needs especially if looking at corner stands.

A 165 inch television may seem like an intimidating size until we mention how much space this takes up: overall dimensions range from 56.7 - 70cm wide by 33 – 44 cm’s deep meaning they require special consideration during installation because not all furniture stores stock enough entertainment TV wall units!

Finding entertainment TV wall units that will fit your particular needs and style should be the first step in determining what size television you have. It’s time to find out if there are universal features about dimensions, weight capacity limitations for cabinets - essentially how much furniture can hold without bending under pressure from larger TVs or weighing them down too heavily with smaller models specifically designed to display lower resolution photos on one screen at once instead of two monitors side-by-side as many people prefer these days due largely because they allow us more flexibility when using our computers simultaneously while working away from home during regular hours which was not always possible back before screens got so big!

 Entertainment TV wall units are the perfect addition for any living room or bedroom, not only does it keep your television in proper alignment but also provides extra storage. The key to getting a good one though are measurements! Make sure you purchase an adjustable height unit with enough space between its shelves so that when mounted against walls there's at least 7cm (3 inches) left on either side of screen before hitting them for stability.

Placing a TV bigger than the cabinet it's being set up in can be dangerous, so take care when choosing which size to buy. However, if you have an extra large living room or bedroom with plenty of space for furniture and electronics then this won't be any problem at all!

As mentioned before placing too big TVs around may seem like it would pose some sort hazard but really just make sure that there are no smaller items nearby because their presence will throw off balance even more so than having multiple larger screens instead.

Staying safe when setting up your new TV is an important part of ensuring it can last for years. Consider where you'll be placing the screen and how much room there is around it before purchasing anything, as well as any smaller objects that may get in its way like furniture or electronics equipment nearby.

85-inch to 90-inch TV stands are available in different heights, with sizes that will fit most screens. For example if you have a 140 cm (55 inch) screen size then this kind of stand can work well for your 55 - 65" televisions; however there may be some room left over at the bottom due to the size of your entertainment TV wall units! You might want check out 203cm (80") television stands instead though because they offer more storage space without taking up too much flooring area.


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