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The floating TV unit, entertainment TV wall unit or the thing that all of your living room furniture is pointing towards, whatever you call it - it's important! We spend a lot of our time watching television and this means we want to unwind in comfort.

One way for us to do so is by making sure the piece(s) of furnishing around which everything else points are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. It doesn't matter if you're into modern minimalism or like things on trend with bright colours; just make sure when friends come over they can tell what mood-setting zones have been set up throughout your home before even entering them...and also know where not to go once inside!

The television set and entertainment unit should be a focal point for any home. Because we spend so much time watching it, our TV stands are an essential part to make sure that they look their best as well as functional enough to hold all of our electronics!

So, if you're looking for a new TV stand or entertainment TV wall unit to make your living room look its best, it's important that you pick one that complements the rest of your furniture set and is large enough to accommodate all of the equipment.

Our collection of designs is vast and designed for any taste. No matter what style you are looking to decorate with, we have it! Check out our design ideas in the living room or bedroom today.

Don't settle for a TV cabinet that you don’t love. We offer high quality, stylish TV cabinets in an incredible range of colours and materials to perfectly match your style! All at affordable prices.

Want to keep your living room neat and tidy? The TV Unit has storage with drawers for all of those DVDs, games or other electronics that you need out on display. You can choose from a basic white or oak wood unit with visible shelves as well as a compact one in cool grey colours which is great if you want something more contemporary looking.

You have a choice of two entertainment TV wall units. One is made with visible shelves and the other has drawers for storage that look seamless when closed. They come in white, black or grey to fit any decorating style and you can open them by pushing on their surface without handles which makes it easier if your hands are full

-Wooden shelving unit; -colour choices: cool white, black & grey - no handle push-open door function.

A stylish TV unit with seamless looking drawers and push-open door function is available for purchase. The options are either a basic white or oak wood bench, both featuring visible shelves; alternatively there is also an option to go modern in cool white, black and grey colours that will fit any living room decor.

Or perhaps you'd prefer a metal framed minimalist looking entertainment TV wall unit - whatever you go for, allow your new furniture to fit seamlessly into the living room. Why not pick out a sofa and some armchairs too?

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