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A floating TV unit is the perfect solution for those who are short on space. It can be mounted to a wall, and without any floor-space taken up by it you could have more room in your living room or bedroom!

These days, people are always looking to save space in any way possible. With the floating TV unit that doesn’t take up floor space and can be wall-mounted, there's really no reason not to get one for your living room!

These new TVs will help you to maximize both viewing distance (which is great) as well as saving on valuable square footage with their ability being mounted against a surface like a wall or even ceiling if need be.

A new trend in furniture design is the floating TV unit, which can be wall-mounted and doesn’t take up any floor space. This means that it helps save on precious home square footage!

A floating TV unit is a great way to save space in your home. Not only can it be mounted on the wall, but it doesn't take up any floor space - hence its "floating" aspect.

Space-saving solutions are always in demand, but some furniture can be more of a hassle than it’s worth. That isn’t the case with this media console - which provides storage space without taking up room on your floor!

You’ve likely seen them before, but have you ever given much thought to the idea of a media console? They can do so many things for your home. Apart from providing storage and displaying cherished items in an aesthetically pleasing way, these consoles are also known as space-saving wonders!


They serve three purposes: they offer hidden shelving beneath their surfaces; they provide open surface area that will be able to store other objects such as books or plants on top (depending upon size); they give furniture more versatility by doubling up its use.

Unlike the conventional TV stand with a bulky design, these floating TV units can be mounted to your wall without taking up any floor space. If you're not pressed for too much room in your living or bedroom, this is an excellent way of maximizing it!

If you are looking for a space saving solution, this type of media console is an excellent investment. Whether in your living room or bedroom, it can give more life to the home and provide extra storage as well!

TV stands that can be mobile for the best viewing experience are wonderful. A floating TV unit enables you to move your TV and turn it in various directions, so there is never a bad angle on which to watch what's playing. One downside of this type of furniture? You have no idea how heavy they're going to be until after you've bought them!

A TV stand with great mobility comes handy when watching movies or sports games-you don't want anything blocking view from behind where people might not see it coming anyway! The only issue I had was figuring out just how durable these pieces were before buying one myself; but then again maybe my OCD got into full gear while trying something new...

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